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professionals but also good human beings with values

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Our Program NEED

Education remains the business of the nobles and an investment by the wise. Education concepts have a mass appeal and diverse acceptability which also enables easy replication. Hence, no surprises that education and training franchising constitutes 32 per cent of the total franchising activity in India. Running a business independently indeed can be challenging, especially for the beginners.

This is where being associated with a franchisor greatly helps. “Institute of Professional Banking(IPB) is product of Success Steps Pvt. Ltd (SSPL)”.SSPL has already established a renowned brand and has developed all the tools and systems required to run the business successfully. There is transfer of knowledge and resources – SSPL extends the solutions and garnered information to the franchise – greatly enhancing the learning curve. The mistakes have already been made and the lessons already learnt! SSPL already have developed their own marketing solutions, training support, and have already established a brand for the market, drastically reducing risk – perhaps this remains the biggest advantages of franchising. The potential for high returns hence increases drastically.


Focus of the IPB

  • To create outstanding manpower who are industry-oriented.
  • To create excellent training delivery system so that the finished product is job-ready.
  • Proper branding and publicity.

Key Features

  • Demand Driven Training Courses
  • Flexible Delivery Mechanism
  • Graded Programme for Different Skill Sets
  • Optimum Utilization of Existing Infrastructure

Offer Highlights

IPB Franchise Program
  • Huge gap between demand & supply for trained accountants
  • Huge returns with virtually negligible investment & low recurring expenses.

Partner Profile

We look for highly energetic, enthusiastic, progressive individuals who have the zeal and vision to be a part of collective success story. The person who can sail along successfully is desired to have the following traits:

  • Demand Driven Training Courses
  • Flexible Delivery Mechanism
  • Graded Programme for Different Skill Sets
  • Optimum Utilization of Existing Infrastructure


License Fee: Rs. 2,00,000/- (plus GST) includes Promotional Kit
Term of Contract: 3 years
Center Area Required: 1000 sq ft
Class Rooms: 2
Computer Lab: 1
Counselling Office: 1

Hardware Requirement:

Computer: 10 with minimum P-4 configuration having
softwares – MS Office2007
Power back-Up: 5 KVA

Manpower Requirement:

Counselor: 2
Centre Manager : 1
Banking Faculty: 1
Soft Skills / PDP Faculty : 1

Franchisee’s Bouquet
  • A license to operate under brand SSPL along with our reputation and goodwill
  • Regular update on Marketing Strategies
  • Placement Support
  • Latest Upgraded Course Material
  • Manpower Recruitment & Training Assistance
  • Administrative Assistance
Promotional Kit
  • Visiting Card: 200
  • Brochure: 100
  • Study Material: Five set of Books
  • Internal Poster: 1 set

IPB Centres

IPB is looking for its business partners along with its expansion PAN India.