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Apeksha Not Losing Hope Most Important Part Of Life

Apeksha overcame obstacles to achieve her goal, ultimately leading to a fulfilling career as an Assistant Manager at Bandhan Bank.

Apeksha’s aspiration

To work in the banking sector started with a desire to serve her community. She wanted to provide financial stability for her family. After completing her education, she decided to pursue government bank exams to fulfill her dream.

For two years, Apeksha put in immense effort, dedication, and time into her Government banking exam preparation. However,  she faced numerous challenges and was unable to achieve the desired success. This repeated failure left her disheartened and questioning her abilities.

Amidst her struggles

Apeksha’s family stood by her side as a pillar of strength and undying support. They encouraged her not to lose hope and reminded her of her potential. Their belief in her capabilities acted as a driving force for Apeksha to continue her pursuit of success.

In a moment of despair, while scrolling through Instagram, Apeksha came across IPB, a reputed institute known for its specialized training in retail banking. Intrigued by the positive testimonials and success stories, she decided to explore this opportunity further.

After reaching out to IPB, Apeksha was guided by their expert admission counselors, who understood her struggles and ambitions. They explained the detailed course benefits, made to fulfill her needs and designed to enhance her strengths while addressing her weaknesses. The guidance and empathetic approach offered by the counselor boosted her confidence.

With hope and determination, Apeksha started her training journey at IPB. The institute’s supportive learning environment, expert faculty, and interactive teaching methods enabled her to grasp complex concepts effectively. Apeksha found herself growing both professionally and personally during this period.

After 3 months of training, Apeksha finally achieved her dream of cracking the government bank exams. Her hard work and the invaluable support she received from her family and IPB were pivotal in her success.

Apeksha was offered the position of Assistant Manager at Bandhan Bank, where she now plays a vital role in serving the community and contributing to the financial growth of her nation.

Apeksha’s journey from struggling to becoming a successful Assistant Manager is a testament to the power of hard work and support. Through her dedication and the encouragement she received from her family and the Institute of Professional Banking, Apeksha’s dream turned into a reality. Her story serves as an inspiration to many aspiring individuals, reminding them that with the right support, and guidance, they too can overcome challenges and achieve their goals.


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