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Axis Bank Teams Up with Kiwi to Provide Lifetime Free Axis Bank KWIK Virtual Credit Card via Kiwi App

Axis Bank Teams Up with Kiwi to Provide Lifetime Free Axis Bank KWIK Virtual Credit Card via Kiwi App

There’s a company called Kiwi that’s good at helping people use credit on their UPI (a quick way to pay online). They’ve joined up with Axis Bank to make a special Axis Bank KWIK credit card that you don’t have to pay for your whole life. You can get this card through the Kiwi app.

Why This is Happening?

Kiwi and Axis Bank want to make things easy for you. They want you to pay quickly and safely using UPI, but they also want you to get good things like credit and rewards from using the card. Kiwi wants to make it really easy for lots of people to get the virtual card and start using it fast. They hope to get a million people using it in the next year and a half.

What’s Good for You? When Kiwi and Axis Bank work together, you get some nice benefits:

  1. You can use the virtual card to buy things, and for every Rs.200 you spend, you get rewards. It’s like getting gifts while you shop!
  2. If you use the card on UPI to scan and pay for things, you get 1% cashback. This means you save money while you shop.
  3. When you use the card to buy fuel, you don’t have to pay the extra 1% charge that petrol pumps usually ask for.

Why This is Important?

Kiwi and Axis Bank teaming up is a big deal. They mix cool new online technology with regular bank stuff to make paying really easy for you. By giving you rewards when you use their card, they hope more people will start using digital money and feel included. This helps keep your money safe and lets you get more out of your purchases. And Axis Bank looks good because they’re coming up with new ideas.

About Kiwi Company Kiwi is a company that knows a lot about UPI, a way to pay money online in India. It was started by experts in banking and online payments, Siddharth Mehta, Mohit Bedi, and Anup Agrawal. They’re focused on blending credit card features with the safety and speed of UPI, so people can pay in a smart and easy way.


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