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Banking Career after PGCRB: Private Bank job Vacancy

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If you a graduated or pursuing graduation, then best option to choose PGCRB for banking career. This course enable candidates to get job in private banks.

The Banking Industry is emerging to be the perfect choice for youth. It has been a ‘dream job’ lately for youth. Banking is a part of our daily lives, and we are highly dependent on it. The Banking industry continues on an uptrend and is generating enormous jobs. If you work in finance or banking, you probably already know that securing a desired banking job is like a dream come true. Many young professionals dream of getting a dream banking job. IPB is one such institution that helps you in making your dream come true and achieving your goals through its PGCRB course.

PGCRB (Post Graduate Course in Retail Banking) Bank Career

Certified Post Graduate Retail Banking program is the flagship course for fresh graduates & postgraduates to make them “Smart Banker” by undergoing an intensive training program of 350 hours by bankers having domain specialization. PGCRB is an immersive program and provides students with real experiences of working with the customers, products, processes, and systems of the Bank.

The program extensively engages students in the role plays, case studies, persona-based problem solving, and assignments to get them ready for the role of a Teller / Customer Service Officer. Our expert and experienced faculty act as mentors throughout the learning journey.

PGCRB Structure

  • Developing the required skills to function with private sector banks
  • Overview and adherence of Banking functions, day to day operations and guidelines
  • Training candidates for Customer handling and relationship management
  • Help them comprehend the fundamentals of cost accounting and management accounting and its impact on the financial
  • Decision-making process
  • Educating them about the different types of financial institutions and their role in the financial markets.
  • Making them understand the industry-specific regulatory requirements

PGCRB Objective

  • The Post Graduate Certificate in Retail Banking ensures that the students have the required practical knowledge to clear the interview.
  • The Comprehensive training program is designed by the experienced faculty which assists in honing the soft and hard skills of the students.
  • The main objective of this post-graduate certificate course is to sustain a pool of educated banking professionals in India.


  • After studying Post Graduate Course in Retail Banking, students would understand Banking as a core business function and the basic principles of Retail Banking & its products.
  • This course enables the students to capture dynamic realities of Financial Inclusion while emphasizing various aspects of Banking, prospecting and CASA acquisition, complaint resolution and other elements of customer service.

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Bank Career Career After PGCRB

IPB’s flagship program Post Graduate Certificate in Retail Banking guarantees a bright future for an Individual looking for a career in Banking. It is the first step toward success in your Banking career. After completion of this 90 days course, you are more than ready for placement in Banks for their retail activities. So what to wait for! Enroll with IPB today only and make your dream come true. 

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