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List of Banking Courses after 12th Commerce, Graduation, Fees

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Are you thinking of career options after the 12th commerce? Selecting the right course after the 12th board is the first step you take for your future career. Thus, you should make the right choice that will help you brighten your future. This article is all about the List of Banking Courses after graduation/12th commerce. 

Well, there are multiple long and short-term courses that you can select after 12th commerce to lead yourself to a better career. However, students are confused as they lack awareness & professional help. As they don’t get the right guidance, many of them end up choosing the wrong path for their career. 

Which course is best for banking after 12th commerce?

As the competition is increasing in the corporate world, students need to be provided with the right skills and knowledge to persist and succeed in the industry. A commerce degree provides students with a perfect platform where they can work on their skills. The course is designed to give students a solid foundation in finance, accounting, and economics. 

The skills and knowledge gained through a business degree will help students in their future careers, whether they continue their studies or enter the workforce. Here we will let you know everything you need to know for your career. We have covered all the courses you can opt for. And also the career options that you can get into.

Can I Join Bank After 12?

  • Many banks offer entry-level positions after the 12th, but we recommend you complete your graduation in banking, finance, accounts, etc. with at least 50% marks.
  • After completion of graduation get professional certification in retail banking i.e. Post Graduate Certificate in retail Banking.
  • This professional certification helps you to gain knowledge about banking operations, customer relationships, communication skills, interview preparation, and many more.

How To Choose The Right Career Options After 12th Commerce 

As mentioned earlier, choosing the right career choice is a must. We have provided a few tips that will help you select the top career options for your future.

  • Determinate Our Interests and Desire

While selecting a course, you need to look up your interests and passions. You must have a clear view of what you wish to study and what career you want to follow. If you choose a subject that doesn’t match your interests, you will end up getting bored. And it won’t be a good thing to do for your career. For this purpose, choose the subject in a way that helps you with making your career.

  • Research And Collect Details

Get to know about the available courses. Then, decide on the course which will assist you in a specific field in making your career. You can seek help from your advisors and teachers to figure out the best courses. Also, you can talk to your alumni who have taken a similar course as your choice.

  • Think About Your Coming Career Possibilities

Also, think about the career options of the courses that interest you. Make sure to compare them according to your interests. Some courses have better employment prospects and higher earning potential than others. Thus, go for those courses which give you more options for your growth in the future.

  • Evaluate Your Strengths And Weaknesses

When you opt for higher studies, always consider your potential and flaws. You should select a course that seems quite challenging to you. But also look up to that which helps to enhance your strengths.  

  • Pursue Expert Advice

If you get too confused about selecting a course, the best thing to do is seek help. When you talk to others, you will have a better idea of the subjects and career options. People will share their perceptions of the courses. Also, you might get some ideas that can be beneficial for your career. Try to seek advice from experts such as career counselors, education advisors, and alumni.

  • Consider The Institution’s Prestige

The institute you opt for can have a huge influence on your career options. Always indulge in an institution with a good reputation. And they should have a record of producing prosperous graduates.

Many students look up to banking and finance jobs after commerce. If you are also one of those who want to make a career in this sector, you can seek help from the IPB (Institute of Professional Banking). They have the best coaches to train and help you get into the banking sector. We have covered all the courses you can opt for. And also the career options which you can get into further.

Courses After 12th Commerce With Maths

The below-mentioned career options are suitable for a candidate who wishes to continue their studies in math.

  1. BCom Hons
  2. C.A. (Chartered Accountancy)
  3. BIBF (Bachelor of International Business and Finance)
  4. B.C.A(Bachelor of Computer Applications)
  5. B.Sc. (Applied Mathematics)
  6. B.Sc. Hons (Maths)
  7. B.E (Bachelor of Economics)
  8. B.F.A  (Bachelor of Finance and Accounting)
  9. B.Sc. (Statistics)
  10. BJMC(Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication)

Best Career After 12th Commerce Without Maths

Here are some career options that you can choose after 12th commerce.

  1. B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce)
  2. Company Secretary
  3. Bachelor in Travel and Tourism
  4. Bachelors in Hospitality
  5. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  6. BMS(Bachelor of Management Studies)
  7. Bachelor in Event Management
  8. Bachelor in Hotel Management
  9. Bachelor of Journalism
  10. Bachelor of Foreign Trade
  11. BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies)
  12. BBA LLB 
  13. BA LLB
  14. BSc. Animation and Media
  15. Bachelor of Arts
  16. B.A. (Hons)
  17. Ed (Bachelor of Education)
  18. Bachelor of Social Work
  19. Bachelor of Vocational Studies
  20. Bachelor of Interior Designing

Diploma Courses After 12th Commerce

The below-mentioned course is best for candidates who are interested in diploma courses:

  1. Diploma in Digital Marketing
  2. Diploma in Banking and Finance
  3. Diploma in Retail Management
  4. Diploma in Business Management
  5. Diploma in Computer Application
  6. Diploma in Advanced Accounting
  7. Certified Management Accountant
  8. Diploma in Financial Accounting
  9. Diploma in Industrial Safety
  10. Diploma in Yoga
  11. Diploma in Accounting and Finance
  12. Diploma in Elementary Education
  13. Diploma in Physical Education
  14. Diploma in Hotel Management
  15. Diploma in Management
  16. Diploma in Fashion Designing

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Banking Courses After 12th Commerce

Those who want to add creativity and want to start their career in the same field can consider these options:

  • Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Animation and Multimedia Courses
  • Air Hostess Training Courses
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Bachelor of Event Management
  • Bachelor of Vocation
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education (Special Education)
  • Bachelors of Journalism
  • BDes Fashion Designing
  • BDes Game Design
  • BDes Interior Designing
  • Jewellery Designing Courses
  • Bakery and Confectionery Courses
  • Performing Arts Courses
  • Culinary Arts Courses
  • Photography Courses

Professional Courses After 12th Commerce

The below-mentioned courses are the best options:

  • BA LLB
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • GST Course
  • Income Tax Course
  • Accounting and Taxation Course
  • SAP FICO Course
  • Air Hostess Training Courses
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Business Management
  • Tally Course
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Company Secretary
  • Journalism and Mass Media
  • Animation Courses
  • Culinary Arts Courses
  • Photography Courses
  • Bakery and Confectionery Courses
  • Performing Arts Courses Graphic Designing
  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Computer Application
  • Bachelor of Fashion Designing

Courses After 12th Commerce With High Salary

  • BA (Hons)/BSc Actuarial Science
  • Company Secretary Course
  • Chartered Accountancy Course
  • Bachelor of Business Management
  • BA (Hons)/BSc Statistics
  • BA LLB
  • BA (Hons)/BSc Economics
  • BA (Hons)/BSc Maths
  • Combined BSc/BBA-LLB

Computer Courses After 12th Commerce

The below-mentioned courses are for candidates who are interested in making their career IT sector.

  • Tally ERP Course
  • BCA
  • 3D Animation & VFX
  • Web Designing & Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Sage 50 Accounts and Payroll Diploma
  • B.Com in Computer Applications
  • Graphic Designing
  • Digital Banking
  • Certificate in Computerized Accounting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in Office Automation
  • Data Entry Operator Course
  • Hardware and Networking Courses
  • Other Diploma Courses

Banking Course After 12th Commerce

  • Bachelor of Accounting and Finance
  • BBA Banking and Insurance
  • Diploma in Banking and Finance
  • B.Com
  • B.Com Economics
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • BA Banking
  • B.Com Banking and Taxation
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
  • BBA + MBA in Banking (Integrated Course)
  • B.Sc in Banking and Finance

Top 10 Unknown Courses After 12th Commerce

Here are a few unrecognized courses that one can look for after 12th commerce:

  1. Nutrition & Dietician Courses
  2. Foreign Language Courses
  3. Diploma in FilmMaking
  4. BDes Leather Designing
  5. Diploma in Fashion Communication
  6. Diploma in Knitwear Design
  7. Cabin Crew Training Course
  8. Ethical Hacking Courses
  9. Diploma in Retail Management
  10. Bachelor in Food Technology

Best Courses After 12th Commerce

Here are the most sight-after courses after 12th Commerce:

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Market (BFM)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com)
  • Bachelor in Economics
  • Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)
  • Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
  • Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (BAF)
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Company Secretary (CS)

Certification Courses in Banking

Best Career Options as Banking Courses after 12th Commerce

In this section, we have provided a list of the top 10 career options after 12th commerce. Along with that, we have added the required entrance exam and expected entry-level salary:

CareerRequired Entrance ExamsSalary (INR) 
Chartered AccountantCommon Proficiency Test (CPT)6-8 LPA
Company SecretaryCSEET (CS Executive Entrance Test)4-6 LPA
Cost Management AccountantCMA Foundation Level5-7 LPA
ActuaryACET (Actuarial Common Entrance Test)8-12 LPA
AccountantSeparate Entrance exams for different institutes2-3 LPA
StatisticianSeparate entrance exams for different institutes4-5 LPA
EconomistSeparate entrance exams for different universities2-5 LPA
Financial Analyst and AdvisorSeparate entrance exams for different institutes2-10 LPA
Insurance Professionalobtain IRDAI certification and clear exam organized by IRDAI2-8 LPA
BankerSeparate entrance exams for different universities2-10 LPA

High Salary Career Options

Here are some of the options if you wish to get a high salary: 

Job rolesSalary (INR) 
Professional Accountant3 LPA
Certified Financial Planner5-6 LPA
Financial Examiner6-7 LPA
Retail Manager4-6 LPA
Budget Analyst6-8 LPA
Company Secretary4-6 LPA
Investment Analyst4-7 LPA
Financial Analyst5-7 LPA
Public Accountant6-8 LPA
Personal Financial Advisor4 LPA
Management Analyst4-7 LPA

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which are the best courses after 12th commerce?

Many banking courses that you can choose after the 12th commerce like BBA,, BFM, BMS, etc.

Which course after the 12th has the highest salary?

We have listed all the courses that are counted as the highest salary.

How to select the best career option?

While choosing the best career option after the 12th, the candidate needs to be very careful about the future scope.

How many months is a banking course?

The banking course duration may be different, but we recommend you choose a banking course from an institute of professional banking.

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Wrapping Up

We hope this will guide you in making the right decision for your career. Think wisely and choose the most appropriate banking courses after 12th commerce/graduation for your career.