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Which Online Course is Best for Accountant Job?

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Best Free Online Accounting Courses With Certificates: Accounting is the method of collecting data and reporting financial information. It gives information about the performance, cash utilized for the business, and economic positions. To learn Accounting, enroll in the following free Accounting courses, which will help you understand its concepts better. You can also earn accounting certificates upon completing the programs.

Best Free Online Accounting Courses With Certificates in 2024

Best Free Online Accounting Courses With Certificates

Here is a list of the best accounting courses with certification:

Financial Accounting Course by edX

Harvard and MIT have created the online learning destination called edX that offers various accounting courses that include Accounts Management, Financial Accounting, and introductory accounting. The introductory accounting course is free but if you want to get a certificate there is a small fee for the same. The duration for the course is 12 short weeks and candidates learn all the corporate finance decision and valuation models. 

The additional part of the MicroMasters program in finance is the Financial Accounting course. This advanced course includes all the principles and methods of financial accounting and also explains them in a broad spectrum of detail. Students will be taught how to make and manage financial statements. The process of recording a transaction and the basis of preparing a financial report will also be taught. 

Eligibility for Online Accounting Courses With Certificates

An undergraduate-level understanding of Calculus, Statistics, Probability, and Linear algebra is a prerequisite for the Financial Accounting course. 

Certificate Program in Accounting from

The course is planned to provide students with the important knowledge and skills to become certified professional accountants. The course covers all the topics ranging from basic to advanced including advanced accounting principles, taxation, bookkeeping, and financial statements. The syllabus is planned according to the requirements of the innovation-driven organisations and also the teachers are the industry experts with 10 years of knowledge and experience. 

Accounting for Managerial Decisions at IGNOU via Swayam

Swayam portal provides students with the accounting for managerial decisions certification course to educate interested candidates who wish to continue higher studies and good education in the field of accounting and want to become a manager. The duration of this course is 16 weeks. The credits for this course are 6. Also, this course requires almost 180 hours of preparation. 

The expert faculty of Swayam make sure that all the topics included in the modules of the course are well understood by the students. The prime focus is on the two main concepts: Cost Accounting and Management Accounting. All the students will go through the basic core concepts that will make them walk a long run and secure more job opportunities. 

These core concepts include education about the differences in management accounting, which is basically understanding and mastering the ability to choose the best alternatives available to produce a required result; and topics of cost accounting, which means to minimize cost and maximize profit. 

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Eligibility for Online Accounting Courses With Certificates

There is no such eligibility criteria for the course but this is a postgraduate course so minimum graduation is required.

Financial Accounting at DAVV via Swayam 

The wide content of the Financial Accounting Certification course includes introductory aspects including the need and the necessity of financial accounting, key concepts and terms, the definitions of those key terms, a brief introduction to the theoretical part of the double-entry accounting cycle/accounting process, and a thorough knowledge about every stand of the double-entry accounting process that includes Journalizing, Ledger posting, preparation of final accounts.

The handling of modifications during the preparation of the final accounts is another topic covered in the online course. The primary teaching strategies used for this online course are lectures and demonstrations. This online course’s main goal is to give target learners—undergraduate management students—a comprehensive conceptual understanding of the double-entry system accounting process.

Eligibility: There is no such eligibility criteria for this course. 

Indian Accounting Standards (INDAS) Certification Training

The wide content of the Financial Accounting Certification course includes introductory aspects including the need and the necessity of financial accounting. The deliverables of the course include topics like Comprehensive coverage of Indian Accounting Standards (Indian Accounting Standards), Why to learn Indian Accounting Standards, Application of Indian Accounting Standards, complete Indian Accounting Standards, Applicability, Objectives, Scope, Definitions, Reconciliations, Measurement, Disclosures, etc.

Also, it will include the End-to-end explanation and examples of Indian Accounting Standards 1 to Indian Accounting Standards 115, Preparation for CA, CFA, and CS exams. The duration of the course is 41 hours long.  Students will be provided with the certificate after the completion of the course.

How to Choose the Best Online Course for an Accountant Job?

Follow the below-mentioned steps listed below:

  • Step 1: Find out the Best Course.
  • Step 2: Choose an Institution for the accountant course.
  • Step 3: Check for course demand and certification.
  • Step 4: Also check for certification and placement assistance.

Accounting courses after 12th

B.Com Hons: Bachelor of Commerce, also known as BCom/BCom (Hons) is an undergraduate degree.

Financial accountingFinancial accounting is a branch of accounting concerned with the summary, analysis, and reporting of financial transactions.
Tax Accounting/TaxationBest course for candidates who are interested in accounting and taxation
Corporate E-AccountingInterested and eligible candidates can choose the Corporate E-Accounting course.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which online course is best for an accountant job?

We have listed some courses that you can choose according to your interests and qualifications.

Can I learn accounting in 3 months?

It purely depends on you, and many courses help you to learn accounting in less than 6 months.

Can a 12th pass become an accountant?

To become an accountant after the 12th, the candidate needs to choose a foundation course. This course is helpful for candidates who wish to become accountants.

Why accounting is the best career option?

In every company or institution accountants are required to manage all types of transactions, GST, money-related matters, and many more.