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Best Investment Banking Courses in 2024: Fees, Certification & Placement

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Being updated with the latest developments is essential because the finance industry constantly changes. The need for investment bankers is expected to increase by 10% between 2018 and 2028. Thus, 2024 is the ideal year to make a financial education investment. Whether you’re just starting or want to enhance your skill set, investing in the Best Investment Banking Courses will help you get started.

Thus, as beginners, we have chosen the top courses on this site to assist you in learning about investment banking. But first, let’s tackle the most crucial question.

What is Investment Banking?

An investment bank is a financial services organization that acts as a middleman in large and complex financial transactions. Investment banks are typically involved in corporate mergers and startup companies’ preparations for going public with initial public offerings (IPOs). Additionally, they serve as financial advisors or brokers for significant institutional clients like pension funds.

Investment banking is one of the world’s most complicated financial systems. They serve several uses and commercial entities. Leveraged finance, or lending money to companies to buy assets and settle acquisitions, restructuring or enhancing corporate structures to increase efficiency and help maximize profit, proprietary trading or trading stocks for their accounts, merger and acquisition advisory, or helping companies with M&As, and new issues, or initial public offerings, are just a few of the financial services they provide.

Investment Bankers: Who Are They?

Best Investment Banking Courses

Among the financial industry’s hidden treasures are investment bankers. These people thoroughly comprehend the workings of regulatory frameworks, financial markets, and economic trends. These experts act as go-betweens, bringing together investors looking for possibilities and businesses needing funding. Investment bankers are the architects of the financial solutions that drive the world economy.

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Best Investment Banking Courses

The best investment banking courses that can help you succeed in 2024 are listed below if you’re unaware of where to start:

1. Investment banking: Eduonix’s How to Think Like a Venture Capitalist

How to Think Like a Venture Capitalist is a distinctive and thought-provoking program that might be beneficial to students who are interested in learning more about venture capital and the thought processes of entrepreneurial investors. The goal of the course content is to impart to students the mindset and methods of venture capitalists.

One area that could use improvement is the course’s implementation of concepts in practice. Even though the course offers insightful information about venture investors’ mindsets, more practical tasks or case studies to support learning could be beneficial. Regarding the investment banking course fees at eduonix, you can access 2000+ courses for Rs 600 only. 

2. Imarticus Learning’s Investment Banking Operations

The training on Investment Banking Operations lasts for two months. Since the course is instructor-paced, you can ask any questions you have of knowledgeable instructors as they guide you through the material in real time. This all-encompassing course will give students a strong basis in investment banking procedures. It is beneficial for anybody who wants to get into investment banking or learn more about this fast-paced industry’s operational side.

Participants obtain an Imarticus Learning accreditation upon completing the course. This qualification might help you become more credible when pursuing a job in investment banking as it is widely recognized. Compared to comparable programs, the “Investment Banking Operations” course from Imarticus Learning delivers exceptional value for money, given the breadth of information, real-world experience, and certification. This is one of the best investment banking courses with placement assistance. 

3. PG courses Financial Modeling and Investment Banking Program by DataTrained

A thorough and specialized program, the PG Program in Investment Banking and Financial Modelling is meant to provide students with the information and abilities necessary for a career in investment banking and financial modeling. Financial modeling and investment banking are two fields in which this program’s broad and well-organized curriculum excels. Investment banking course fees at Data Trained are around ₹1.40 Lakh for a 3-month course. 

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Free Investment Banking Course

Here is the list of some free investment banking course providers

Course NameCourse ProviderDuration
Financial Markets by Yale UniversityCoursera1 to 3 months
Private Equity and Venture Capital by Università BocconiCoursera1to 3 months
Essential Career Skills for Investment Banking and FinanceedX2 weeks
Engagement BankingedX3 weeks
Introduction to Investment BankingAlison1.5 to 3 Hours

Institute of Professional Banking

If you are looking for professional courses in the banking sector, the Institute of Professional Banking is the best option. As an immersive curriculum, PGCRB gives students hands-on experience interacting with the Bank’s clients, goods, procedures, and systems. To prepare students for the work of a Teller/Customer Service Officer, the program heavily 

involves them in case studies, persona-based reasoning, role plays, and assignments. Our knowledgeable and seasoned instructors serve as mentors throughout the learning process.

They allow you to pay your expenses in installments and offer loans with 0% processing fees.

In just 3 months, the Institute of Professional Banking (IPB) gives graduates the targeted training to start successful banking careers.

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for Post Graduate Certificate in Retail Banking


In 2024, investment banking is undoubtedly a fantastic job path you should consider. It’s also a terrific way to start other financial industry careers. If you have experience in investment banking, you can transition to work in venture capital, hedge funds, or private equity. Others go into consulting or corporate financial positions.

Recall that achieving success in the investment banking industry demands a blend of diligence, commitment, and tactical preparation. Investing in ongoing skill and knowledge development will help you become more competitive when starting a career in this exciting and fulfilling field. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the investment banking course fees?

The average course fees start from Rs 20,000 to 3 Lakh (Course fees depend upon the institution, and duration of the course).

How to choose the best course for investment banking?

Every course has its uniqueness and different syllabus, so choose the course as per market demand and your skill set.

Are there any Investment Banking courses Free with a certificate?

It is very difficult to find a free course with a certificate, you can choose a paid course with more benefits like industry-best training, certification, QNA session, Placement assistance, etc.