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Canada-India Diplomatic Tensions Rise Over Allegations of Involvement in Sikh Activist’s Assassination”

Canada-India Diplomatic Tensions Rise Over Allegations of Involvement in Sikh Activist's Assassination"

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Foreign Minister of Canada made claims in their. Parliament about the Indian government’s involvement in the assassination of Sikh activist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada.

They said that Canadian intelligence agencies were looking into these allegations. Nijjar, who support an independent Sikh homeland known as Khalistan. Was kill on June 18 outside a Sikh cultural center in British Columbia.

However, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in India issued a statement rejecting these claims. They call the allegations “absurd and motivate” and said that similar accusations were made during Prime Minister Trudeau’s visit to India, which were also reject.

The MEA strongly criticized Canada for not taking action against Khalistan terrorists and extremists who have found shelter in and continue to pose a threat to India’s sovereignty. They also expressed concern about Canadian political figures sympathizing with these elements.

The MEA further mentioned that has a history of tolerating illegal activities, including murders, human trafficking, and organized crime. As a consequence of these allegations, Canada expelled a high-ranking Indian diplomat.

Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly emphasized the seriousness of these allegations, calling them a violation of sovereignty and international norms. She mention that the head of Indian intelligence in Canada was expel as a result of these claims.

This situation highlights tensions between Canada and India over allegations of Canadian support for individuals and groups seeking to harm India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.



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