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Why a Career in Banking After Graduation?

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Career in Banking After Graduation: When you complete your graduation or are about to complete it, you must be looking for career options. Your mind would be flooded with hundreds of pieces of advice. What could be better than looking up to the banking and finance sector?

The industry is full of aspirants who are looking for banking jobs. Students can witness great opportunities in the banking sector. If you’re also hunting for career opportunities after graduation, consider banking jobs.

Below we have mentioned all that you need to know about them. Also, we’ve mentioned the reasons which will answer why you should count on them.

Tips Before You Look Up To Banking Job

Banking jobs can prove to be lucrative for both beginners and experienced. Once you secure a position in a reputed bank, you can leverage a number of benefits. Banks put up competitive salaries for their employees.

Along with that, they also offer many perks like subsidized interest rates on loans among others. When you secure a job, you get to learn about various credit schemes, advances, and loans.

Below we have mentioned the steps you can look up to on the way to banking after graduation.

  • Determine The Bank Position

First, you have to decide the job opportunity you wish to opt for. Look out if you wish to work as an accountant or a bank teller. All of them have different requirements, responsibilities, and pay grades. You can apply for a job position as per your qualifications. 

  • Assemble A Resume

Here comes the utmost important step, creating an appealing job resume. In the resume, you can add your previous work experience if you have any. You can also mention your work as a volunteer to show your interactive ability.


Apart from them, if you have worked as a fast-food worker or a pizza delivery person, mention that as well. Taking help from professional resume services can work wonders.

  • Locate Jobs

When your resume is ready, it’s time to send them. Rather than approaching random banks, get a second opinion. Get in touch with those who have work experience in banks.

Ask them for the options; it will work best to locate a bank. Moreover, you can rely on several websites as well. They will notify you whenever a banking role of your interest pops up.

  • Check Your Bank

Visit the training and placement cell of your college/school when you look for the banks. Apart from this, you can look for a bank in which you have an account.

Reach out to the managers and tellers to know the vacancies. When you leave, you will take great advice from them for sure.

  • Do Your Research

Research the banks that are offering jobs. Shortlist some of them and take a brief look at their strategies, mission, and vision statements. It will help you explain the reasons why you’re appropriate for the position.

In addition to that, you will have enough knowledge about the bank. Thus, you can answer all the queries regarding their banks.

  • Work Hard For The Interview

Now comes the preparation part. Look out for the mock interviews to understand the process. It will help you get an insight into your merits and demerits. You can work on yourself and make yourself ready.

Apart from that, you’ve to cover the syllabus. IPB can help you deal with the examination process. With excellent courses in hand, you can get a job with ease.

Advantages Of Choosing Banking Jobs

Banking jobs come up with myriad benefits for their employees. If you’re looking for a secure job, the BFSI sector is a good call. Let’s take a look at a few perks of banking jobs:

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Job Security

Almost every other person opts for banking services for job security. Your future awaits decent pay in this sector. In the public sector, banking jobs last for about 60 years.

Moreover, you can get promotions with the internal exams. In due course, your post and your salary will increase in haste. If you wish to get into the banking sector, consider the Institute of Professional Banking.

More Opportunities

The banking sector has become very important over the years. At present, the industry has paved the ground for many youths.

All around the world cutting-edge technology has catapulted products, people, and processes. Also, it has changed how we perceive or practice banking. The tech-driven banking provides a young and modern workforce to the prospects.

Decent Salary

This job is best to enjoy decent pay along with stability. Employees get decent pay for their jobs. In addition, they can get a pension, medical coverage, a minimum rate of interest on loans, and much more.

When compared to entry-level jobs, the banking industry provides much higher income. The earnings of a probationary officer vary from around 5 lacs per annum.


Banks ensure that they uphold the team of their well-trained staff. Whatever job it is, they will give you proper training. Before you get into that job, you will learn all the required skills.

Furthermore, you can take these skills to other industries as well. Thus, if you decide to move on to another industry, you have your skills for backup.

Any Background Can Join

In the banking sector, students from any field can opt to apply. From technology to engineering and law to marketing, the sector employs students from every field. Hence, all the graduates and postgraduates can look out for the exams.

That means you will get to meet people from different backgrounds. Plus, it doesn’t require any specific skill. Banks hire employees and train them to work ahead. 

Safe Work Environment For Women

Since the late 1950s, the number of women joining the banking sector has increased. Not only public banks but also private banks have witnessed a marked increase in women recruitment. Banks provide a safe and stable work environment for women. It allows them to work with ease. Along with that, the sector permits equal career opportunities.

High Regard

When you’re a bank employee, you get social prestige. People treat the banking job with high regard. It counts among the most desirable and prestigious careers.

The candidates can leverage a high and prestigious job profile. It will provide them with the utmost regard. Plus, the job is more formal and systematic as compared to jobs in other sectors.

Rigid Job Timings

When it comes to job timing, banks have specific working hours. It does not make you feel stressed as compared to private jobs. With fixed timing, you get enough time to spend with your loved ones. Therefore, it would be a great choice to join the banking sector.


In the banking sector, you get to enjoy a good amount of holidays. They provide holidays for festivals as well. Thus, you can celebrate the day with your near and dear ones. And it will help you maintain a balance between your professional and personal life.

Skill Development

Getting a job in a bank can help to enhance your overall knowledge and skills. In general, banks provide training to their employees. It improves their skills with a variety of courses, seminars, and training programs.

With the help of training departments, students get to maximize and utilize their skills. Educational programs and technical training help them reach their goals.

You can also benefit them with the help of IPB. The team provides the students with the best banking courses. With thorough study, you can get yourself enrolled in a banking job.

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Exams You Can Opt For a Banking Career After Graduation

When you are in the last year of your graduation, you can apply for jobs. Here are some of the bank jobs that you can look up to:

  • SBI SO

Those who’ve achieved excellence in their field can look up to this job. You will get a job in pertinent fields such as IT, Law, Rajbhasha, HR, Marketing, and Agriculture. The selection process has three phases- Prelims, Mains (Professional Test ) and Interviews. The age limit will be according to the post.

  • SBI PO

This is one of the most reputable jobs for graduate aspirants. Students from any field can apply for this job. They have to undergo three stages- Prelims, Mains, and Interviews. Students should be between the age of 21-30 years.

  • SBI Clerk

Those who wish to get a job as a junior associate can apply for the SBI clerk examination. The selection procedure has two phases- Prelims and Mains pursued by the Language Proficiency Test (LPT). The age limit for this post is 20-28 years.

  • RBI Assistant

This post comes under the reputed jobs of the Reserve Bank of India. Students undergo three phases- Prelims, Main, and Language Test. Their age must be between 20-28 years.

  • RBI Grade B

This is among the most profitable jobs in the RBI. The exam is tough, and students have to undergo three stages-  Prelims, Main and Interview. Their age should be between 21-30 years.


With this, students can be recruited as Probationary Officers in different public sector banks. The selection process has three phases- Prelims, Main, and Interview. The age limit for IBPS PO is 20-30 years.


This is also a field-oriented job. Those who’ve done IT, Law, and Agriculture will need a graduation degree. For HR and marketing, they will need an MBA degree. The selection process has three phases- Prelims, Main, and Interview. And the age limit is  20- 30 years for this post.

  • IBPS Clerk

Most graduates opt for this job. The selection process has two steps- Prelims, Main and LPT (Language Proficiency Test). For this, your age should be between 20-28 years.


Students can apply for both Clerk and Officer Post in RRB. They will need a graduation degree to apply for this job. For clerks, the selection process has two phases- Prelims and Main Examination. The age limit is 18 to 28 years for the clerk post.

For an officer post, the selection procedure has three steps: preliminary, Main Examination, and Interview. They can apply if their age lies between 18 – 30 years.

FAQs at Career in Banking After Graduation

Why Bank career is best choice after graduation?

If you are future-focused and looking to start a career with a high salary, job security, and quick growth then banking is the best choice.

What are the steps to start banking career as a fresher?

Follow the steps listed below:

Complete Your Graduation
Especially in Finance, accounts, Management subjects, etc.
Take PGCRB Certification (Post Graduate Certificate in Retail Banking)
Complete your certification and get placement assistance

Why is PGCRB Certification Required?

With the PGCRB certification, candidates can perform better and knowledge helps them to wok efficiently with any training provided by banks.

Wrapping Up

Nowadays, the banking sector is among the most sought-after jobs. Along with a stable job, you get to enjoy many other perks. In order to get into the banking career, you have to crack the exams and interview. For that, you can look for help from the Institute of Professional Banking. They offer personalized courses to help the students with these.