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Certification Courses in Banking

Certification Courses in Banking

The Indian economy’s foundation is the banking industry. There is an increase in the need for professionals with specialised knowledge and abilities due to the expansion boom, evolutionary change in bank products, and growing desire for financial inclusion in our nation.

  1. Certificate Course in Banking:

Duration 6 months
Mode Online
Total fees Rs 12,300

A hybrid learning programme called the Certificate Course in Banking is offered by Welingkar Education. For both recent grads and working professionals, it is a six-month curriculum. Your general management skills will be enhanced or developed as a result of this course. The course’s faculty consists of distinguished academics with industry experience.

  1. Post Graduate Certificate in Retail Banking (PGCRB):

Duration 3 months
Mode Online
Total fees Rs 60,000

To have first-hand exposure with the course contents, candidates can enrol in the online Post Graduate Certificate in Retail Banking (PGCRB) course. The course aims to prepare students for a career in banking by providing them with a broad grasp of banking. Throughout the course, candidates will learn about the numerous procedures as well as banking policies. Candidates will receive a Post Graduate Certificate in Retail Banking (PGCRB) training certificate if they successfully finish the course. They can use this qualification to obtain employment in any of the fields in the future.

  1. Management of Commercial Banking:

Duration 12 weeks
Mode Online
Total fees Free

The topics covered in Swayam’s course on commercial banking management span a wide range of problems and threats that commercial banks must deal with, including their general functions, laws, methods for gauging their performance, stock valuation, and asset-liability management, and more. The main emphasis is on commercial bank risks such as credit risk, interest rate risk, and liquidity risk.

Candidates will discuss, among other things, off-balance activities, bank capital, loan operations, bank liquidity, and deposit management.

Candidates will also gain knowledge of the numerous non-interest revenue-generating operations banks participate in, including financial guarantees and systems for managing foreign exchange. The Management of Commercial Banking programme is a free, online course that can be audited without registration. This Management Studies course is offered as an elective.

  1. CAIIB Advanced Bank Management:

Duration 20 Hours
Mode Online
Total fees Rs 3499

Raja Natarajan, a Chartered Accountant and Instructor, developed the CAIIB Advanced Bank Management (Part I) certification course, which is accessible on Udemy for anyone interested in becoming a Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers and working in the banking and finance sector. The entire CAIIB test syllabus is covered in the first half of the advanced bank management course, CAIIB Advanced Bank Management (Part I).

The online courses offered by Udemy for the CAIIB Advanced Bank Management (Part I) feature more than 20 hours of in-depth video lectures, articles on bank management, and a downloadable resource that contains the theory behind the subjects covered in the online sessions. People will study advanced topics in bank management such as economics, business economics, economic laws, demand elasticity, cost, revenue, time series, correlation, linear programming, cash flow, and many more, in this course.

  1. IBPS Bank PO Entrance Exam:

Duration 2 months
Mode Online
Total fees Rs 3200

For candidates who are getting ready to take the IBPS Probationary Officer exam in order to advance their careers as qualified Bank POs, Udemy is offering the IBPS Bank PO Entrance Exam in India online certification created by N S Toor – Banking Teacher. In order to finish the entire syllabus in two months, the Udemy online course for the IBPS Bank PO Entrance Exam in India provides a schedule to help manage time for at least 4-5 hours of study per week.

In 36 hours of thorough video-based lectures, the IBPS Bank PO Entrance Exam in India online sessions cover the whole curriculum, including reasoning, quantitative, banking, finance, computers, and English. The course is created by a team of bankers and subject-matter experts with substantial classroom experience. Applicants will have earned adequate information and abilities to pass the IBPS PO entrance exam and go one step closer to becoming professional bankers by the end of this course.