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Chirag’s Journey to making a successful career at IndusInd Bank

Chirag's Journey to making a successful career at IndusInd Bank

This particular piece of writing will follow the training and placement journey of Chirag. He wanted to pursue his passion for working in the operations profile in the banking sector. Chirag hailed from a good family background with parents who prioritized his success and career growth.  Chirag’s decision to join IPB led to a successful career at IndusInd Bank.

Chirag belonged to a family with a strong educational and professional background. His mother worked as a teacher, emphasizing the importance of education, while his father held a good government job, which instilled in him the value of stability and a successful career. Chirag, driven by the aspirations of his family, embarked on his career journey by joining HDFC Bank in the Risk Management department.

Although Chirag started his career at HDFC Bank, he soon realized that his passion lay in the operations profile within the banking sector. Despite his skills and dedication, he felt unsatisfied with his role in the Risk Management department. Recognizing the need for a change, Chirag decided to explore opportunities in the operations domain.

Chirag made a pivotal decision to enhance his career prospects by enrolling in IPB (Institute of Professional Banking). The institution offered excellent training facilities and a supportive environment, which motivated Chirag to pursue his dreams and excel in the banking industry. He started his Post graduate certificate in retail banking (PGCRB) in the year 2021. The course was just 3 months long, Where he learned the basics of retail banking from the experts. The teaching and training faculty is of Ex- Bankers. Chirag was taught by the best and groomed specifically for the banking sector.

During his training journey at IPB, Chirag also received exceptional guidance and support from Customer Service Manager Ms. Manveet Kaur. Her Counselling played a crucial role in shaping Chirag’s skills and boosting his confidence. Ms. Manveet Kaur’s expertise in placement services helped Chirag secure his first interview drive with IndusInd Bank.

Chirag’s determination and the comprehensive training he received at IPB paid off when he successfully cleared his interview with IndusInd Bank. His impressive performance during the interview process led to his recruitment at the bank.

Since joining Indusind Bank, Chirag has spent over three years at the organization. His dedication and commitment to his work have been recognized, leading to various opportunities for career growth within the bank. Chirag’s decision to pursue his passion and switch to the operations profile has proven to be rewarding and fulfilling.

Chirag’s career journey exemplifies the importance of aligning one’s passion with their profession. Despite starting in the Risk Management department at HDFC Bank, Chirag’s determination to work in the operations profile led him to join IPB, where he received exceptional training and support. This case study serves as an inspiring example for individuals seeking to make strategic career decisions and pursue their aspirations.


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