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Deepak Rajput’s: From Hardships to Success

Deepak Rajput's: From Hardships to Success

Deepak Rajput’s life

Is a story of hope and strength. He came from a simple family of six and faced tough times when his father passed away. His mother worked hard to support the family. Being the elder son, Deepak rajput decided to help by teaching tuition classes. He wanted a stable job and that’s when he heard about IPB from his friend. He took the courageous step of joining the institute.

A friend told Deepak about IPB, a place known for teaching banking skills. He saw this as an opportunity to improve his life. Deepak decided to give it a try and joined the institute.

At IPB, Deepak found teachers who cared about his success. Besides knowledge, they encouraged him to believe in himself. This belief pushed him a little closer to his success.  The institute played a pivotal role in changing his life and giving him a brighter future.

Deepak faced many difficulties on his journey. He had to manage his studies and help his family at the same time. He attended online classes in the evening and worked by the day. Sometimes, he felt scared and worried about failing. But with the love and support of his family, he kept going.

All his hard work paid off when Deepak got an interview with Kotak Mahindra Bank, a famous bank. He traveled all the way to Panchkula to appear for his Interview. The zeal to make a career in banking was high and distance did not matter to him. He appeared before the HRs and impressed them with his knowledge and passion. They offered him a job, making his dream come true.

Deepak is thankful to IPB and its teachers for their support. Their belief in him made a big difference. His story inspires others to never give up, no matter how tough life gets.

Deepak Rajput’s journey is an example of how education can change lives. He faced challenges, but with the help of IPB and his family, he succeeded. Deepak’s story inspires us to believe in ourselves and work hard to achieve our dreams.


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