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FRM Course Fees 2024: Eligibility, Duration, Salary | All You Need to Know

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Know about FRM Course Fees, Eligibility, Duration of course, Exam Syllabus, Salary in India and many more

Exams are something that shapes one’s career and future life. People generally appear for an examination for career advancements and to obtain professional credibility. Regarding this, among different study courses, there is a significant course known as Financial Risk Management (FRM) which helps people to obtain specialized knowledge and skills that are sought by different employers. Therefore, if you want to know more about this course, read the current article till the end as this will allow you to learn more about this course which can ultimately help you mold your career decisions.

What is the FRM Course?

The Financial Risk Management (FRM) course is a course that focuses on those who can manage risks and uncertainties. This course is a year-long certification course that includes concepts related to the management of operations, and financial and commercial risks. Once an individual completes this FRM course successfully, they can take up roles in a myriad of positions like, risk manager, regulatory risk manager, commercial risk manager, etc.

In addition, FRMs also possess essential knowledge related to assessing risks. Further, FRM are associated with working in major banks, accounting firms, insurance companies, asset management firms, and regulatory agencies as well.

FRM Course Fees

FRM Course Fees

The exam fees of FRM part 1 have varied costs based on the registration of the exam. Below-mentioned is the breakdown of FRM part 1 fees.

Early Registration Fee: If candidates register during the early phases, they get access to discounts and the fees stand around 40,000.

Standard Registration Fee: In case the early registration ends, the fee that the candidates are required to pay is around 40,000.

Further, along with the exam fees, candidates are also required to pay a single-time enrollment fee of 40,000 for the FRM part 1 or part 2 exam. Another point to note is that the fee structure is subject to change from year to year.

FRM Course Duration

The FRM course can be completed in between 1 to 2 years, maximum.

Eligibility for FRM Course

Regarding the FRM course, there are no such eligibility criteria for the candidates. This is because even final-year graduation students can be eligible for the Part 1 exam of FRM.

However, candidates are required to have a minimum of 2 years of work experience, while also being an active member of GARP. Consequently, it is also important for the candidates to research about who needs to pursue this course. Thus, under this context, those who wish to do an MBA in Sales and Marketing can opt for this course. Further, few other candidates having a bachelor study degree in a relevant field of study can also enroll themselves in this course.

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FRM Course Salary

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The average salary of FRM in India ranges between ₹9 lakhs to ₹11.5 lakhs, which varies as per the company an individual is associated with. However, FRM graduates can make efforts to increase their salary by taking internships in good companies as it would add to their experience.

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Syllabus of FRM Course

The FRM course syllabus is divided into two major parts which generally cover 5 core topics. The first part focuses on the foundations of risk management. Whereas, the second part focuses on financial markets and quantitative analysis.

Part 1 Syllabus

  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Foundations of Risk Management
  • Valuations and Risk Models
  • Financial Markets and Products

Part 2 Syllabus

  • Market and Credit risks
  • Operational Risks and Resiliency
  • Treasury and Liquidity Risk Management
  • Current issues in financial markets
  • Investment management
  • Risk management

The above-mentioned are the areas in both the parts of FRM that you need to study thoroughly to crack the examination.

FRM Course Salary in India

An Entry-level FRM (financial risk management), fresher or less than three years of experience can earn an average salary of Rs 3.9 Lakhs per year. And, a mid-career FRM with 4-9 years of experience earns an average salary of Rs 9.6 Lakhs per year.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is FRM (Financial Risk Management)?

The Financial Risk Management (FRM) course is a course that focuses on those who can manage risks and uncertainties. This course is a year-long certification course that includes concepts related to the management of operations, and financial and commercial risks.

Is FRM better than CFA?

This purely depends upon your career goals and interests.

What is the FRM salary?

The average FRM salary in India per month ranges from 50k to 70k (this also depends upon experience, location, qualification, etc.

Can I take FRM after the 12th?

No, only candidates who have graduation degrees or final year students can enroll.

Is FRM tougher than an MBA?

Yes, as per my research, both MBA and FRM (Financial Risk Management) course requires hard work and dedication. Both the courses have their value and syllabus, so you can choose a course according to your interests and career goals.

Can I know FRM Level 1 fees in India?

FRM Level 1 fees in India start from Rs 30,000 to 40,000 (Expected)

What is the FRM course duration?

The Financial Risk Management Course can be completed in 1 to 2 years.

Final Takeaway

In summation, it can be viable to state that FRM is a very useful course for MBA students majoring in the sales and marketing domain. We believe that by now you should have understood whether FRM courses are significant for you or not. If you believe that this course will be beneficial for you, we urge you to take up this course and apply for the examination. You can also talk to your peers who have taken this course as that would provide you with a better understanding of undertaking the examination. We wish you the best for your FRM exams in the future.