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GPF Payment Procedure for AIS Officers on Central Deputation at Retirement

GPF Payment Procedure for AIS Officers on Central Deputation at Retirement

The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) released a letter on October 17, explaining how AIS officers on central deputation can claim their General Provident Fund (GPF) when they retire. Here’s what you need to know:

 Where to Apply:

  • Normally, All India Service (AIS) members apply for their GPF payment through the Account Officers in their respective states.

 New Option for AIS Officers on Central Deputation:

  • AIS officers on central deputation can now choose to get their final GPF payment from the Pay and Accounts Officers (PAO) of their ministry or department through their Drawing and Disbursing Officer.

How to Apply:

  • To do this, the AIS officer should submit their application to the Account Officer in their home state through the Drawing and Disbursing Officer in their ministry/department on central deputation.

 The Role of the Head of Office (HOD):

  • The Head of Office needs to get the necessary approval from the Account Officer in the home state. This approval should be addresses to the Pay and Accounts Officer (PAO) in the ministry/department of the central government.

Important Details in the Approval:

  • The approval should include instructions for the payment to be made by the PAO and reimbursement to be claim from the state government or the Accountant General (AG) of the state.

 Checking the GPF Balance:

  • In states where the GPF of AIS officers is maintained by AG officers, the state government’s approval should include a certificate from the relevant AG regarding the GPF account’s balance.

States without AG-Maintained GPF Accounts:

  • In states where AG officers don’t manage the GPF accounts, the state government’s approval should confirm the GPF balance from the authority responsible for maintaining the GPF accounts.

 Payment Process:

  • Once the PAO gets approval and bills from the Drawing and Disbursing Officer, they can make the payment. The money comes from the government account, and the accounts are adjust.


  • If the GPF accounts are manage by AG offices, the state government reimburses the payment following the standard procedure.

Document Submission:

  • After making the payment, the PAO should send all the documents, including vouchers, approval letters, and final payment applications, to the AG office when seeking reimbursement.

This process ensures AIS officers can smoothly claim their GPF payments when they retire


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