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How Students can maintain a Calming Nature in this Hectic World?

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Ever met someone who has a calming nature?  When you are with them, you instantly feel more relaxed — almost to the point that you disregard your difficulties. Whether it’s because they have soothing body language, make great eye contact, or listen mindfully — or all of the above-mentioned qualities — it’s entrancing to contemplate the habits common among individuals who are calming to be around. Regardless of whether they are our companions, accomplice, or even a colleague, we just want to be around them. Why? Because calming energy soothes our sensory system. We are naturally attracted to them because we probably need more of that energy for ourselves.”

Enlisted below are a few characteristics and habits that will help us maintain Calming Nature in this Hectic World and will also put others at ease, deepen connections, and make life a little less stressful:

Practice Mindfulness: 

There’s been a ton to talk about mindfulness lately, and despite the fact that we may know the significance of staying present and meditating, we may be considering how to practice mindfulness throughout the day. There are a number of little things mindful people do differently and know how to pick up these same habits that can hopefully help us find some more serenity and clarity in life. There are a lot of various ways of consolidating mindfulness into our lives. Furthermore, we can be one of those individuals who radiate super calm vibes,  put our friends at ease, and move through the world with confident energy. 

Be Present In The Moment:

 If someone is tranquil to be around, it’s likely because they’re completely living in the moment. They don’t have their head in their phone and aren’t centered around different contemplations. All things being equal, they’re available with you, talking, tuning in, and visually connecting. When somebody visually connects with us, we feel completely noticed. It’s such a simple thing, but it’s a propensity that genuinely puts us at ease. Be present at the moment irrespective of what it has to give and what it is about.

Be a Great Listener:

Each great discussion begins with a decent audience. There’s a big difference between listening to someone when they speak, and just being quiet while we wait for our turn to talk. To be calm we definitely have to occupy the former space. We should tune in without interference or relating back to their own experiences. It gives a sensation of being heard, seen, and comprehended, which in turn creates a feeling of intimacy that’s super cozy.  To be a good leader we have to be a good listeners and have to listen to the people who are on the front line. A good listener is pretty attractive as a good speaker. “We can not have a beautiful mind if we do not know how to listen when others speak”.

Always be Truthful & Trustworthy:

 Honesty is telling the truth to other people. Always be truthful, trustworthy, and sincere. Never disclose the words of others with someone else. Being trustworthy and truthful is the first chapter in the book of wisdom. Be the one with whom anyone can converse, knowing that you will not turn around and share what they said. Don’t gossip about others and have an attitude of good intentions. Be the one who doesn’t spin about others and doesn’t backbite when others are not around. 

Have Neutral Vibes:

Calmness should vibe out from our voice. That means we have a neutral tone that will not pitch up too high or down too low. When we speak with an upward cadence, we are typically coming from a place of inferiority and if we speak with a downward cadence, we are typically coming from a place of superiority. We should be so calm that the person around us reaffirms the sense of safety.

Calm folks give off very soothing energy. They make time for relaxation. Be grateful because gratefulness is at the root of it all. When we are grateful we are able to remain positive even when negative things happen. Gratefulness eliminates jealousy, comparison, and a need to be right — basically all the traits and propensities that put others on edge.