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India has the most students from other countries studying in Germany

India has the most students from other countries studying in Germany

A lot of students from India go to Germany for studying. There are more than 42,000 Indian students in Germany now, which is 25% more compared to last year. The German Ambassador to India, Philipp Ackermann, said this on Thursday.

Philipp Ackermann said, “Wow! More than 42,000 Indian students are studying , and this number has gone up by 25% in just one year. Indian students are now the largest group of foreign students in Germany, and this happened much faster than we expected. German universities are popular among Indian students, and Indian students are also well-liked in Germany. Professors tell me this a lot.”

Because more Indian students want to study in Germany, the German Embassy is making changes. Before, students needed paper certificates for some things, but now they will use digital certificates. This change will make things faster and easier for students who want to apply to German universities.

In December last year, India and Germany signed an agreement. This agreement helps students, professionals, and researchers move between the two countries. It also helps with problems related to illegal migration.

This agreement has special things to make it easier for people to move between India and Germany. Some of these are an evaluation center in New Delhi that checks academic qualifications, longer residence permits for students, three thousand visas each year for people looking for jobs, easier short stay visas, and simpler procedures for returning to your home country if needed.


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