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Industry Certification Boosting Your Credentials as a Fresh Graduate in the Banking Sector

Industry Certification Boosting Your Credentials as a Fresh Graduate in the Banking Sector

In today’s competitive job market, fresh graduates face numerous challenges. Securing a promising career in the banking sector has become hard.  A college degree provides a strong foundation, which is helpful in building a career in banking. However, employers seek candidates with  skills that demonstrate a practical understanding of the industry.

Certificate Programs in Banking Sector

One effective way to enhance your knowledge in the banking is by earning industry certifications.  These certifications include the Post Graduate Certificate in Retail Banking (PGCRB)  offered by the Institute of Professional Banking, the Axis bank young Bankers program.

Axis Bank Young Bankers Sector Program

The One-year Axis bank young bankers program  specifically designed for aspiring bankers. The program has been ongoing for over 11 years since 2012. Axis bank limited has trained more than 11000 students in the last 11 years. The program is 4 months of classroom learning (at Manipal Academy of BFSI, Bengaluru), 3 months of internship with Axis Bank at any of the bank branches/offices PAN India, and 5 months of On-The-Job Training with Axis Bank (where candidates will undertake a full-time role) at any of the bank branches/offices PAN India.

Benefits of the Axis bank Certificate course

The Banking program covers important banking-related subjects. It  firmly focuses on experiential and application-based learning. Personality development is also an important part of the course. The combination of these skills helps one become a Banking professional. The program is designed to align the Young Banker to the designated Role and the Axis way of functioning. The program aims at making the Young Banker First Day First Hour ready for the job.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Retail Banking (PGCRB)

Post Graduate Certificate in Retail Banking (PGCRB) program is a course for fresh graduates & postgraduates to make them “Smart Bankers” by undergoing an intensive training program of3 months by bankers having domain specialization.

Benefits of PGCRB course

PGCRB is an immersive program that provides students with real experiences of working with the customers, products, processes, and systems of the Bank. The program extensively engages students in role plays, case studies, persona-based problem solving, and assignments to get them ready for the role of a Teller or Customer Service Officer. Our expert and experienced faculty act as mentors throughout the learning journey.

Banking courses, like the PGCRB and Axis young bankers program. Provide aspiring professionals with specialized knowledge and practical insights into the intricacies of the banking industry. These certifications supplement your academic qualifications and showcase your commitment to professional development and lifelong learning. Let’s avail the benefits of such certifications to make a successful career in banking!


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