IPB Corporates

Grooming leaders who are not only thorough
professionals but also good human beings with values


Institute of Professional Banking (IPB) is synonym of quality training for banking jobs. IPB understand the requirements of the banks in terms of quality of candidates required and also fills the same in the aspiring fresh graduates who otherwise are just equipped with theoretical knowledge about banking somehow from their studies curriculum. IPB industry integrated training content and learning methodology.

The main objective of this training is to enable students to understand key concepts, tools and method in banking and further apply the same in the real-life situations through case studies and exercises. IPB training module enables the students to capture the dynamic realities of financial inclusion that covers the aspects of banking, prospecting and CASA acquisition, complaint resolution and other elements of customer service.

Professional Banking Course

Why IPB for Banks

IPB has been always been regarded as a quality training institute in terms of providing quality candidates for their requirement of operations jobs in their front end branch management roles.

In their Certificate of Retail Banking Course of 90 days, IPB equips the candidates with in-depth knowledge of banking concepts along with working keenly on the communication skills.

With well-reputed ex-bankers as faculty and industry experts to shape the course curriculum, candidates here get imbibed with best of industry integrated training content and methodology.

Each candidate on completing the course
  • Becomes highly employable resource
  • Be productive on the job from Day-1 of joining the bank
  • Understands core business functions and basic principles of retail banking
  • Captures the dynamic realities of Financial Inclusion
  • Understands various aspects of Banking, Prospecting and CASA acquisition along with Complaint Resolution