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About IPB

Institute of professional Banking is north India’s top-rated banking school for aspirants of the banking sector. The aim of IPB is to gratify the need for manpower for the drastically upsurging banking and financial services in and outside India. We are helping out youth to get the best employment just after graduation. Along with this, we are targeting to eradicate the issue of unemployment from the country.


We have our set up of centers across the northern part of India and some states assisting students to avail the facility easily. Our head office is in Mohali, Punjab. Other locations to serve the aspirants are Jalandhar, Mohali, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Dehradun, Lucknow, Sri Ganganagar, Akola and Kota. We have our franchisees all over India to let even more students take the benefit and fulfil their dreams of becoming bankers.

IPB Jalandhar:

Learn in the biggest city of the region, and the availability of all banks of India in the vicinity. This branch of IPB has its locations in the centre of the city Jalandhar availing aspirants of the same facilities provided by the head office.

IPB Mohali:

Chandigarh – the wealthiest town of the nation, find our one of the best centres located in Mohali(in Chandigarh). We offer you to grab the chance to learn here. This branch basically offers facilities for the banking sector job seekers residing near or in the vicinity of Chandigarh.

IPB Panchkula:

Panchkula has the best of the town layout in and around the state. It helps you to plan your career in a better way. We welcome students from both rural and urban areas near the branch. Join IPB Panchkula to crack bank tests and get placed in the banking sector.

IPB Delhi:

The national Capital now boasts of being Magnanimous Delhi as it has IPB over there too along with several other specialities. The job hunters from across Delhi NCR and old Delhi have the chance to get placed in banks nearby with the help of IPB.

IPB Gurgaon:

What do you think to study in the country’s third-richest city? Such exposure may help you to learn to manage big cash issues that people come across on daily basis. Gurgaon and all nearby places can get the chance to go through bank coaching and clearing exams with IPB Gurgaon.

IPB Noida:

The city is not just known for its hustle and bustle for work and other specialities, but it offers a variety of educational opportunities as well. Noida’s candidates have shown good interest in career orientation, hence, IPB is a gift for them to secure their future with its guidance.

IPB Dehradun:

The Doon Valley located in Uttar Pradesh comes up with yet another branch of IPB which offers you to learn all the basics of banking sector jobs.  In Dehradun, the pupils aspiring to be a part of the banking sector as their career are fulfilling their requirements through IPB. So, IPB proves itself the best to provide education and get bankers out of the crowd.

IPB Sri Ganganagar:

Rajasthan’s northmost city, Sri Ganganagar is a place that caters for the needs of food and has a good reputation in tourism. This is the reason for which it is called ‘the food basket’ of its state. here there was a need to open up a centre so that candidates from that place can also get the opportunity to eliminate some percentage of unemployment.

IPB Kota:

Rajasthan, a place that reminds of the royal families from its architectural art and is one of the North Indian states to serve education at the best level. So, the city Kota of Rajasthan has got an IPB centre so that much of the youth could be served. The students of the place are showing good interest in the bank exam preparation. So, hurry up to join an institute where you learn from such determination.

IPB Akola:

The north part of Maharashtra has also got a branch of IPB. Along with the supply of cotton, the city caters for the demands of aspirants to train them for the banking sector job. This comes with its own benefits according to the need of the area.  The city named Akola in Maharashtra got a golden opportunity with the opening of IPB’s centre. The candidates of the city are availing the chance to be better.

IPB’s service:

We provide a post-graduate program in retail banking after which the student learns the worth of the essential functions of the business. We also let them learn the core fundamentals of retail banking along with the services falling under it.

 Other services:

Apart from everything, we prepare the candidates for the bank interviews as well. This does not let them face any issues while going through the face-to-face interview which is the phobia of most students. This step involves a structured approach which consists of building a resume, grasping the knowledge of the bank, communication skills, banking affairs, preparing FAQs of interviews and much more.

 IPB’s achievement:

Looking back at the figures of the last 6 years, a count of around 2500 pupils have taken classes here and afterwards they have been placed in reputed bans in the country. Most of the candidates secured the positions of KYC or AML compliance officer, tellers, relational managers, personal bankers, personal bankers and wealth managers.

 Fee structure:

The full course fee charged by us per candidate is 50,000 rupees for a three-month course. In this program, we provide classes in institute and training in several the bank. Also, the training outside the institutes is given to pupils. This includes training in a bank to let them have an idea to work in a bank and handling the queries from the clients. The difference between IPB and other institutes is the mock training. This program is carried out inside the institute in which aspirants prepare for real bank training. Through this, they also come over the fear of handling bank work and clients.

 Eligibility criteria:

The age up to 28 years or less is mandatory. This rule for this range of age is set to enter the banking sector. Academically, the candidate needs a score of at least 50% or above marks in all previous studies. The degree is acceptable regardless of the stream of study.

 No sales work:

About the course, significant thing is that sales functions are not its part. In other words, IPB does not give the training to bring sales to the bank; which helps the candidate to work in sales. Rather, we train them for the operational job profiles. So, they get the reputed jobs in return for the efforts they lay for cracking the bank exam.

 A unique way of delivering services:

  • IPB main crew incorporates a passionate staff who provide the banking sector with a brilliant workforce. Moreover, IPB is bravely working on the challenge to curb the problem of unemployment in the nation.
  • IPB acts on its goals; assuming that people having the banking sector’s knowledge, will find no dearth of work availability in private sector banks.
  • For best service, the faculty at IPB is built up with the ex-bankers, with experience of nearly 20 years. So, they share the real problems and their solutions with the pupils, which they know from their own experience from the banking sector.

Differences from others:

  • No one ensures promising placement like IPB does. As we provide coaching, our motto is not to simply convey booking words but to work on students to be good in practically handling tasks.
  • No one targets eradicating unemployment from the nation as IPB’s challenge. Also, not many institutes work for challenging social issues like IPB.
  • Even after and during the covid, the institute did remarkably well.
  • PGCRB: A program like PGCRB involves role-playing, case study, problem solving and assignments for carrying out operations of the teller. Furthermore, IPB also helps the pupils to hone both soft and hard skills.
  • Reasonable fee structure. Surprisingly, the fee structure is again not much, which is a bonus point to take coaching classes from a reputed institution.

 To summarise, IPB provides the best coaching for clearing the bank tests, which is further helping to reduce joblessness. Apart from this, we are serving the best training as well as give students a chance to learn how to handle bank work.