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List of Countries Accepting Low IELTS Score/Band in 2024-25 | All You Need To Know

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List of Countries Accepting Low IELTS Score/Band in 2024-25: Studying abroad is a dream of many and this stream can provide individuals with a myriad of valuable opportunities to not only learn together about a new country but also be open to employment there. To gain access to foreign universities, one needs to score well in the IELTS exam, as it highlights your capability of studying abroad.

List of Countries Accepting Low IELTS Score

However, you might get a mediocre or a low IELTS score, which might drain your opportunity to get into foreign universities. Well, there are still some universities accepting low IELTS scores. Thus, if you are someone who dreams of getting into a foreign university but fears that you might secure a low IELTS score, make sure to read this till the end to learn about the different universities accepting students with a low IELTS score.

List of Countries Accepting Low IELTS Score/Band

Universities Accepting Low IELTS Scores

The list of the below-mentioned universities will help you fulfill your dream of studying abroad. Make sure to go through the list carefully.

United States of America (USA): country accepts low IELTS Score

The following table provides information on a few of the best universities that you can consider for studying and graduating.

University NameMinimum IELTS Scores Accepted
University of Mississippi5.5
 University of Missouri5.5
North Dakota State University5.5
Kent State University6.0
 Washington State University6.0
University of Florida6.0
New Mexico State University5.5
University of Louisiana5.5
Central Michigan University5.5
Oklahoma City University6.0
State University of New York5.5

United Kingdom (UK) and Europe: Countries Accept Low IELTS band

Both the UK and Europe are renowned for their prestigious academic institutions for offering premium specialisations. Further, one of the major reasons why you can opt for universities here is that you can gain access to quality education and experienced faculties. Take a look at the different universities in the region, accepting lower IELTS scores.’

University NameLocationMinimum IELTS Score accepted
Ghent University Belgium5.5
University of Oslo Norway6.0
University of Vienna Austria6.0
University of Bristol UK6.0
 University OF SheffieldUK6.0
University of GlasgowUK6.0
University of LeedsUK6.0
Vienna University of TechnologyAustria5.5
Autonomous University of BarcelonaSpain6.0
University of DundeeScotland6.0
KU LeuvenBelgium6.0

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Australia is one of the most popular countries that are preferred by the majority of the students worldwide for higher studies. The major benefit of studying in universities here is that the cost of living is very affordable, which is a boon for every student. Hence, the below-depicted table provides a list of different Australian universities accepting low IELTS scores.

University NameMinimum IELTS Score accepted
University of Queensland6.0
 Australian Catholic University6.0
Charles Darwin University6.0
RMIT University6.0
 Victoria University6.0
Murdoch University6.0
The University of Newcastle6.0
University of Wollongong6.0
Swinburne University of Technology6.0


Canada is an emerging nation in different study domains which makes it welcome students from all over the globe. This is one of the major reasons why the universities in Canada are ready to accept students having low IELTS scores. Hence, the different Canadian universities accepting low IELTS scores are mentioned below.

University NameMinimum IELTS Score accepted
University of Alberta6.5
Sault College6.0
Charles Sturt University6.0
Brock University6.5
Royal Roads University6.0
Algonquin College6.0
Canadore College6.0
Camosun College6.0
Lethbridge College6.0

Above-depicted are the different universities accepting low IELTS scores. However, it is always recommended to work hard to improve your IELTS scores by regularly practising via mock exams and diving deep into the exam format so that you can get better scores during the final IELTS exam.

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Sending IELTS Scores to the University: Things to Consider

For sending the IELTS scores to the above-mentioned universities to understand if you can make a way to them, you need to consider the following things.

  1. IELTS scores can now easily be sent to the universities via a paper Test Report Form (TRF) delivery.
  2. You need to thoroughly go through the approved delivery method of the intended university.
  3. You also need to pay appropriate fees for getting registered mail.

The above-mentioned things will help you send your IELTS scores to universities abroad, without any hassle.

Tips to Score Good Score in IELTS Exam and avoid List of Countries Accepting Low IELTS Score

For scoring good scores in the IELTS exam, go through the below tips as they might help you to ace your IELTS exam while making you pass with flying colours.

  1. Go through the syllabus properly and understand the format of the test.
  2. Use online tools and look for online videos that can help you prepare efficiently for the exam.
  3. Make use of the sample tests or mock tests available online and practise them regularly.
  4. Do not miss out on any section and focus on all of them.
  5. Research well and understand your vocabulary beforehand.
  6. Pay attention to the opening and closing sentences as they might provide valuable clues to the invigilator about your passage.
  7. Do not only rely upon simplistic sentences. Ensure to showcase your mastery of the English language to impress the invigilator.

We are sure that if you consider all these tips and tricks during your exam, you will score very well.

Final Conclusion

To sum up, IELTS scores matter a lot to gain admission to foreign universities as they specify your capabilities to foreign officials, which enhances your chances of being selected for the desired course. However, even if you have not scored much, we have got your back because why this blog, we have suggested some of the best and renowned countries or universities in different nations who are accepting low IELTS scores. Go through the “List of Countries Accepting Low IELTS Score/band in 2024-25” provided properly and drop down your queries in case of any questions. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.