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Online Part Time Jobs For Students in 2024; Salary and Duties

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Here are the details for Online Part Time Jobs For Students in 2024; Salary and Duties, these are options that are best for those who searching for online typing jobs for students without investment from home.

These days, students have a busy schedule because of their studies. However, several students want to work in the comfort of their homes to earn extra income and lead their lives easily. In this regard, most students prefer online jobs because they not only act as an efficient solution to manage college expenses but also help them gain work experience, which they can add to their resumes.

One of the best factors of online jobs is that you can do it all from your laptop while sitting back at any place in the world. All you need is a good internet connection. Thus, if you want to know more about the best online jobs for students and their salaries and duties, go through this article until the end.

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 Online Part Time Jobs For Students in 2024

Here are some best online part-time jobs for students and most of them require zero investment.

Online Part Time Jobs For Students

1. Blogger

Bloggers are the ones who have a website that is connected to a particular niche. Bloggers generally write on their blogs and are paid for every visitor visiting their website. It also happens that Bloggers write for another company, where they receive topics to write on. If you also want a career with creative leverage, blogging can be something interesting to opt for. Consequently, you can also opt to become a video blogger where you can make great money by producing informative videos.


  1. Research, generate, and pitch different creative ideas for blog posts.
  2. Writing, editing, and publishing the written blog content.
  3. These posts can be promoted using different platforms like social media, email, and advertisements to attract new readers.
  4. Educating and informing people about different areas of interest, products or services.


The average salary of a blogger goes up to ₹2,59,849 per year.

2. Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is one of the best online jobs for students, where they can use their creative minds and earn additional income. If you are working for a company, graphic designers tend to design and produce business logos, cards, T-shirts, and other things for the company. However, if you work independently or freelance as a graphic designer, you have creative leverage, and you can sell your designs online while contacting online shops and local businesses directly. Overall, this job role will help you to earn a significant amount of money in no time.

Duties of Graphic Designer

  1. Prepare for graphic design ideas.
  2. Amend the designs after formative feedback.
  3. Target the audience and now run a test of graphics across different media channels.
  4. Manage the consistency of the design while ensuring the creation of visual communications effectively.

Graphic Designer Salary

The average salary of a graphic designer goes up to 2,80,524 per year.

3. Online Tutor

Online tutors are known to provide academic support to students by teaching them via virtual platforms like video chatting. Further, being a tutor is one of the best online jobs for students because they can teach others in a subject in which they particularly specialize. Further, with online tutoring, students can also be a part of a good cause where they help students prepare for their school or university exams.

Duties of Online Tutor for Online Part Time Jobs for Students

  1. Online tutors are responsible for teaching students via instant message, video chat, etc.
  2. Explain lessons to students appropriately.
  3. Taking up different queries and questions from students.


The average salary that a student can get as an online tutor is ₹2,93,665 per year.

4. Data Entry Clerk

As data entry clerks, students generally perform several typing jobs which encompasses making a list of email addresses or letters. Further, this job is a great opportunity for students because it will not only help in providing monetary benefits but will also be helpful for students to enhance their online typing speed. Furthermore, as a data entry clerk, students can also get involved in transcribing services like transcribing audio files, hidden documents, lectures, or interviews.

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Duties of Data Entry Clerk

  1. Collecting information and inputting it into different databases.
  2. To cross-check all the records for accuracy.
  3. Updating all the databases with new information.
  4. Preparing digital files for the printing process.


The salary of a data entry clerk is ₹2,17,166 per year.

5. Social Media Management

This is one such job for students. They are an amount of money but can also upskill themselves. Social media managers generally represent the company for which they work, online. Further, being a social media manager, students are required to maintain positive relationships with their clients, both the new and existing ones. With this online job role, students get a chance to distribute and create some unique content while making a mark on different online platforms.

Duties of Social Media Management

  • Creating different creative posts and scheduling them on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Effectively responding to different comments and messages on social media accounts.
  • Running different ad campaigns to promote products and services.
  • Collaborating with graphic designers and copywriters to produce great content for social media.


The average salary that a student can get via an online social media job is somewhere around ₹4,16,560, annually.

6. Proofreader

This is another great job for students to opt for.  Several industries like product copy development and journalism industries look for proofreaders to ensure that there are no grammatical errors within the final copy. Therefore, students having an eye for detail and who have a great understanding of English grammar, can become freelance proofreaders and earn a great amount of money.

Duties of Proofreader

  1. Reviewing all the documents to check their writing style and grammar.
  2. Fact-check different statements to ensure their accuracy and clarity.
  3. Confirm that all the writing that has been submitted is original.
  4. Make the necessary corrections before submitting the final copies.


As a proofreader, students can earn an approximate amount of 4,00,000 per year.

7. Translator

Currently, there is a high demand for translators who can turn or translate English into different other languages. Therefore, if a student is fluent in other languages, except English, such as Russian, Spanish, French, or Chinese, or any other languages, there are a myriad of well-paying online jobs available for them where they can try their hands at translation services. However, being a student, you need to ensure that you apply for only those online translation jobs where you can translate into languages that you know very well.

Duties of Translator

  1. The foremost duty of a translator is to thoroughly read the original materials provided to them.
  2. To translate text from one language to another.
  3. Ensure that the meaning and tone of the translated text remain the same.
  4. Making revisions and edits to the translated text, as needed.

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The average salary that a student can expect while working as a translator is ₹3,39,644 per year.

8. Photographer

If you are interested in capturing the different moments of life, photography is the perfect high-paying online job that can fetch you great money and skills as a student. All you require is a premium-quality camera requirement. As a photographer, you can also specialize and cater to clients for local events, such as different celebrations. Photography can also help you network with people which can help you gain more exposure to this field. Overall, this is a great opportunity for you as a student to earn good money.

Duties of Photographer

  1. Communicate well with the clients to know their expectations about the photoshoot.
  2. Maintain and manage all your photography equipment.
  3. Click and edit premium-quality pictures.
  4. Take feedback regarding the pictures and edit them wisely.


As a photographer, the pay scale varies. However, you can expect an average of ₹4,50,000 per year.

9. Web Designer

A good quality website is in great demand these days because if a website is responsive, the business can attract way more customers. So, if you are someone who has some knowledge about coding or web development languages like HTML5, and Adobe Creative Suite, you can get some nice paying jobs in this field, online. Thus, make sure that you seek good jobs in this domain so that you can not only hone your skills but can also earn good money.

Duties of Web Designer

  1. Conducting regular website testing for the clients.
  2. Researching upon the designs of the website as per the niche.
  3. Conceptualizing creative and genuine ideas for the website.
  4. Ensuring a responsive design for the client’s website.


The approximate salary that you can expect working as an online website designer is between ₹4,50,000 to ₹4,90,000 per year.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which is the best Online Part Time Job for Students?

We have listed some online part-time jobs that might be helpful to start earning. You can also choose a part-time job as per your interest.

How can I work from home on my mobile?

Some jobs that offer work from home on mobile like Telecalling Executive, Support Executive, sales executive, etc.

Final Conclusion

In summation, it can be understood that Online Part Time Jobs For Students is a great opportunity for students to not only earn a good amount of money but also to upskill themselves. This is because, with such jobs, they obtain real-time skills of working in a professional setting. Consequently, we hope that our article on the different online jobs for students has helped you to know about the different jobs available that can help you to make up your mind to understand which job is suitable for you. Let us know in the comments section below what you think about this article.