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Priyanka’s Inspiring Story of Hard Work and Dedication

Priyanka's Inspiring Story of Hard Work and Dedication

Priyanka, an ambitious woman from Haryana, aspired to achieve independence while supporting her family. Armed with a zeal for learning, she started a journey that led her to the banking sector. This is Priyanka’s strong determination and her pursuit of excellence, ultimately resulting in her success at Bandhan Bank in Haryana.

While doing her MA, Priyanka became eager to expand her horizons and seek opportunities that would allow her to become independent. She firmly believed in the power of education and its ability to change lives.

Recognizing the potential of the banking sector, Priyanka enrolled in the Postgraduate Certificate in Retail Banking (PGCRB) course offered by the Institute of professional banking (IPB). This decision showed her commitment to acquiring specialized knowledge and skills in retail banking.

With her expertise, Priyanka confidently appeared for banking job interviews. Her dedication and preparation paid off, as she received job offers from two different banks.

Despite one job being far from her home in Haryana, Priyanka’s determination and passion for independence drove her to accept the opportunity. She decided to take up her first banking job with a gold loan bank in Faridabad, leaving her comfort zone to pursue her career goals.

Throughout her journey, Priyanka never on her education. While working at the bank, she continued her studies and successfully completed her master’s. Her commitment to continuous learning and personal growth remained strong.

Priyanka’s dedication went beyond her professional aspirations. She understood the importance of supporting her family and fulfilled her responsibilities, ensuring their well-being while chasing her dreams.

Her hard work caught the attention of Bandhan Bank in Haryana, and she was offered a position there. Today, she continues to excel in her career while working to improve herself further. Priyanka stands as an inspiring role model for others, showcasing the life-changing impact of Hard work and dedication.


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