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Professional Training Courses with Certification: IPB India

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Professional Training Courses with Certification: The banking industry is a huge industry that is in constant demand of new applications every year. People too are in constant lookouts for jobs in the banks because of the lucrative facilities the bank jobs provide during the working years and even after a person is no more.

The banking industry is thus, in constant search of a huge number of employees who can serve in the various designations available in a bank.

Criteria for joining the banking sector with Professional Training Courses with Certification:

  • The criteria behind each recruitment in the banking sector is different.
  • Anybody, starting from having 10+2 or any other qualification of equivalence, can apply for jobs in the banks.
  • What complements academic degrees in the field of banking is professional training for banking. Even for the freshers, professional training for banking helps in securing jobs in the banking industry without any prior experience very easily. The candidates can choose to opt for these professional training for banking from any institute of great reputation. The candidates can definitely opt for a regular course or even for some sort of a crash course or diploma, whichever suits their purpose.
  • These professional training for banking are available as both offline and online courses. Most of the professional training for banking have a fixed period of time for completion, which generally varies from a period of nine months to a year or even more than that.
  • Having professional training for banking dignifies the curriculum vitae of the applying candidates and makes the jobs in the banking sector easily affordable for them.

Scope of learning under professional training for banking:

  • There are several private banks that have opened professional training for banking courses to benefit and help the candidates in placements in banks and have created a new route way for employment. Professional training for banking provides various courses and training  helps in shaping the lives of the candidates aspiring to become banking professionals. The domain of the banking industry is vast. Under its vast share, they are taught several different subjects, all of which are directly or indirectly related to banking and helps in molding responsible banking professionals. The subjects that are taught are:
  • Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Risk Management
  • Relationship Management, so on and so forth.

After the termination of the period of the professional training for banking, the candidates are offered to get into an agreement with any of the private banks, and they are made to join reputed internship programs that are solely designed for the purpose of disseminating first-hand practice knowledge of banking among new banking professionals.

Facilities of the professional training for banking:

Professional training for banking includes great facilities for earning money through stipends. These professional training for banking are strictly based on jobs, and thus, stipend payments are a must. Not just the internships, but even the period of training is a paid one in the arena of professional training for banking.

 While the trainees are offered a payment of ₹5,000 per month, the banking interns are given a stipend amounting to ₹9,000 per month. The sole purpose behind remunerating the trainees as well as the interns under the professional training for banking is to ensure complete dedication towards the process of acquiring theoretical knowledge as well as bringing the theoretical knowledge into practical practice as interns working under the private banks.

ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, IDBI Bank are known to practice such professional training for banking throughout India for a long time now.

What are Public and Private Sector Banks?

IPB and the banking industry:

IPB is a celebrated institute known mainly for creating banking professionals through top-class professional training for banking. 

IPB created responsible banking professionals dedicated to their service to the bank and the customers attached with the dealings of the banks. IPB provides proper placements for the candidates in the private banking industry after the period of the professional training for banking is over and helps in the constant flourishing of the ever-growing banking industry in India.

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Meet IPB – The Institute of Professional Banking 

IPB is an institution that effectively bridges the gaps between individual talent and capabilities with the actual dynamic demands of the banking industry

With over 100 experienced bankers as their faculty, and having acquired a 97% placement record in the last 5 years, above all,

IPB has proven to be one of India’s most trusted banking training institutions.