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Renewable Energy Target Before 2030 Deadline, says Power Minister RK Singh

Renewable Energy Target Before 2030 Deadline, says Power Minister RK Singh

India is making

Significant strides in its pursuit of renewable energy, with Union Power and New & Renewable Energy Minister R K Singh announcing that the country is well on its way to its ambitious 500 GW renewable energy target before the 2030 deadline.

Speaking at FICCI’s India Energy Transition Summit 2023, Singh India’s commitment to clean energy and its remarkable progress in this direction.

Singh pointed

Out that India had faced a setback due to the COVID-19, in  delay in its energy plans. Nevertheless, if not for this , the country would have already reached the halfway mark of 50% of its power from non-fossil fuels by now.

As of now, India boasts a total power generation capacity of 424 GW, with approximately 180 GW generated from non-fossil fuels. Moreover, an 88 GW is currently in the works, the nation’s dedication to expanding its clean energy infrastructure.

India’s target is to achieve 500 GW of energy capacity by 2030. Minister Singh expressed confidence in this goal ahead of schedule, the  commitment to energy sources.

Singh further India’s position as a global leader in energy  with the fastest renewable energy capacity additions worldwide. Bhupinder Singh Bhalla, New and Renewable Energy Secretary, provided insights, revealing that India had added an impressive 15 GW of energy  in the last fiscal year (2022-23).

The momentum

Is expected to increase significantly, with plans to add 25 GW in the  fiscal year (2023-24) and a remarkable 40 GW in 2024-25. Additionally, Bhalla announced that 50 GW of  energy projects would be open for bidding marking a significant step forward in the country’s commitment to clean and energy sources.

India‘s relentless pursuit of  energy its to climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and securing a sustainable future for generations to come. The nation’s progress in this area continues to set an example for the world, demonstrating that energy goals are attainable with  effort.


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