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Rinu Bala’s Inspiring Banking Journey

Rinu Bala's Inspiring Banking Journey

Rinu Bala is one of the many determined young women, who wanted to make a career in banking that the Institute of professional banking has witnessed. Women who were unsure about starting a career in banking but regardless took the risk and changed their life for the better.

Rinu had doubts about the online PGCRB  course, and her parents didn’t like the idea of online courses either. But Rinu believed in herself and decided to take a chance. This is the story of how Rinu joined the Institute of Professional Banking (IPB) and successfully started her banking career.

Rinu was curious about banking but wasn’t sure if it was right for her. She also didn’t know if online courses were trustworthy. So, she did a lot of research to understand the benefits of the Postgraduate Certificate in Retail Banking (PGCRB) course at IPB. She visited the Mohali corporate office of the institute and made sure of the legitimacy of the institute.

Rinu’s parents didn’t like the idea of online learning. Nor she was excited by the idea of online courses as the idea was new and still in its developing stages. But Rinu didn’t give up. She talked to them honestly and explained why this course was essential for her dreams. Finally, they agreed to support her decision. With her parents’ approval, Rinu took a big leap and enrolled in the PGCRB course at IPB. She was nervous but hopeful.

From the start, Rinu felt that she made the right choice. IPB’s course was well-structured, and the teachers were helpful. She felt more confident and motivated. The online mode of classes was no barrier for her to experience the real classroom setup. She was motivated by the teachers to achieve her goals and do her best. The road to becoming g a banker was not rocky, anymore.

She completed her course and got the opportunity to appear for an interview with AU Small Finance Bank.  Owing to her exceptional training with banking professionals and ex-bankers, she cleared her interview on the first attempt. She landed the position of a Money office at AU Small Finance Bank.

Rinu’s story is like many others who hesitate to start their banking careers with IPB. Her journey shows that with determination and belief in yourself, you can achieve your dreams. Rinu Bala’s inspiring journey proves that taking chances can lead to success. Even with doubts and opposition, Rinu believed in herself and joined IPB. There, she found the knowledge and support to start her banking career. Rinu’s story is a reminder that when you embrace opportunities and believe in yourself, you can achieve great things. Now, Rinu is a successful banking professional, inspiring others to follow their dreams with IPB.


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