Sector set to boom after COVID-19 - Scope of banking sector in India
scope of banking sector in india

Sector Set to Boom after COVID-19 – Scope of Banking Sector in India

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In a recent survey done by media houses, few sectors will come out to be the most promising and will shine after COVID-19.  Know those sectors?


Retail Sector 

– Post-Lockdown, consumers will be inclined to malls, movies, clothing, and home décor. Online businesses will emerge as leaders here.


FMCG Sector 

– The only sector that has been working since COVID-19. There has been a transformational change in the industry during the lockdown time. The supplies have been increased to meet demand and creating a high revenue-generating business. 


 – Every person sitting at home was dependent on their phones and the internet. All of our work has come on an online medium. Telecom is set to achieve new heights. Many companies have observed a huge change in cash flow as the payments are regular and new customer base is attributing.


Banking Scope of banking sector in India

The foundation of every business is set to boom. Many private banks are growing at 40% during the economic slowdown. Looking at the growth chart of each bank, one can say that the scope of Banking India is positive. 

There has been no mass firing reported by banks or any financial institute. All the banks have been technologically advanced and had been operating through online/offline mode during Lockdown. The financial products like insurance, gold purchasing, saving accounts, fixed deposits are back in a trend looking at the value of safe investments. 

After the announcement of support that the Central Government is providing to MSMEs, the banking transactions have gone up. Coupled with the progress of the above-mentioned sectors, all private banks are recording a steep rise in opening current accounts. 


The economy goes down when there is unemployment and the income level goes down. Banking is one sector that is acquiring the right talent at this hour and is offering industry paycheck. 

HOW CAN I BE PART OF BANKING INDUSTRY? Is there any course in banking?

We are living in a world where the unemployment rate is rising and the only solution is to enhance your skill base. The candidate needs to be presentable, well-spoken, and knowledgeable. 

Institute of Professional Banking offers a dedicated Professional Banking Course with placements that coaches and grooms the candidate, graduated from any stream, to become a professional banker. 





The course Post Graduate Course in Retail Banking is designed after considering the latest industry trends and looking at required skills. With 11 branches all across the country, the IPB team is set to train young students and place them in reputed banks. 

The trainers’ team is all industry-linked and resourceful. With strong industry tie-ups, students do not find it difficult to find a job of their dreams in banks and financial institutes. 


So far, 1800+ students from all streams like Arts, Humanities, Commerce, B.Tech, have been trained and placed in recognizable banks like Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI and many more. 


Post Graduate Course in Retain Banking is a Banking course after graduation that any student from any stream can apply for the course. The age of the student must be below 28 years at the time of applying for the course. 

It is 90 days course that provides training in Retail Banking, Regulatory Guidelines, Risk Management, Digital Banking and lot more. After the course, IPB assures of job interviews with reputed banks. 



It is time to be hopeful and look forward to a new era. Look for a bright career in Banking with IPB

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