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Shah says new education policy links schooling with important thoughts

Shah says new education policy links schooling with important thoughts

Amit Shah, who is the Union Home Minister, spoke at an event where he was a special guest. This event was the graduation ceremony of the Indian Institute of Teacher Training (IITE) in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Amit Shah mentioned on Sunday that the new education policy connects the way we learn with important Indian values. He said this while attending the graduation ceremony of IITE in Gandhinagar.

He explained, “The new education policy changes the way we educate people in India. It links our education to important Indian ideas and opens the door for modern knowledge to spread in our country. When we combine the wisdom from our ancient traditions with modern education, we get this new education policy.”

Amit Shah also said, “Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this new education policy has introduced many new ideas. It’s a unique policy that combines modern education with our age-old traditions. This will help our students become some of the best in the world.”

During his speech

Amit Shah highlighted that only Prime Minister Narendra Modi could have thought of creating a special university for training teachers. He added, “PM Modi didn’t just think about IITE. He also thought about creating universities for areas like defense, forensic science, yoga, and children’s education. He has carefully considered the needs of all parts of our country through education.”

Shah mentioned that while the rest of the world mainly focuses on producing doctors, engineers, and scientists, PM Modi’s vision includes making sure that teachers are well-trained and dedicated. This was the reason behind starting IITE.

He emphasized that today’s graduating students have a responsibility to study and understand the new education policy.

Amit Shah pointed out that PM Modi has set the foundation for making India a great place for young people. He believed that the graduates would dedicate their time to make this new education policy a success and train children and young people to contribute positively to India.

Shah further added that even though we have advanced technologies like Google and artificial intelligence, teachers play a unique role in shaping a child into a good citizen and teaching them about being kind and patriotic.

Several important people, including the Governor of Gujarat and IITE Chancellor Acharya Devvrat, were also present at the event.



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