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SoftBank Expected to Make a Profit as Technology Stocks Improve

SoftBank Expected to Make a Profit as Technology Stocks Improve

Japan’s SoftBank Group is likely to announce that it made more money than it lost in the last quarter, which would be a good sign.

The part of the company that invests in tech companies, called the Vision Fund, had lost money before because the tech companies it invested in were not doing well. SoftBank even sold some of its shares in a big Chinese online shopping company to have more money.

If SoftBank makes a profit this time, it could make the boss, Masayoshi Son, feel better. He made big bets on startups but some of them didn’t do well, and that hurt the company’s reputation.

People are also waiting to hear about a company called Arm. If Arm does well, it could make SoftBank even more money.

Experts think that SoftBank will report a profit of 75 billion yen ($525 million) for April-June. That’s because some of the companies that the Vision Fund invested in, like food delivery company DoorDash and ride-hailing company Grab Holdings, did well.

When SoftBank starts making money again, it might invest in new companies. The boss, Son, said he wants to do that because of new things happening in technology.

SoftBank also did things like building warehouses and investing in insurance technology.

People think that Arm, which designs computer chips, could do really well. It could grow in areas like data centers and cars. Arm is important because it makes chips that go into a lot of devices we use, like phones and computers.

Experts also think that Arm could become worth a lot more money than it is now because of its potential.


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