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Study Finds 84% of Tech Experts Believe India Has Potential to Lead Global Gaming Industry

Study Finds 84% of Tech Experts Believe India Has Potential to Lead Global Gaming Industry

More and more students are becoming interested in working in the gaming industry, according to a survey by the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) in Kolkata. This shows that India’s gaming sector has a lot of potential.

The ISI-Kolkata and the E-Gaming Federation (EGF) did a study together. They looked at how students and professionals feel about online skill gaming. They talked to 4,644 people in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.

The study found that 73% of the people they asked really want to work in online gaming. And 68% said that this kind of gaming helps them get better at skills they need. Also, 60% said that working in this sector can stop people from leaving India to work in other countries.

A professor from ISI, Kolkata named Subhamoy Maitra said that many people believe that India’s own gaming industry can keep talented people in the country. It can also help them grow and be innovative here.

The study also found that 67% of the participants want to study more about gaming. About 31% like programming, 42% like things like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and 22% like art and animation.

In the online skill gaming sector, most people are interested in programming (44%) and testing (40%). Also, 16% like art.

The study also said that many students and employees can learn new skills from the gaming sector.

This is important because many Indian students go to the United States for education. At the same time, many people are leaving their jobs in the Indian IT sector. The online gaming sector can be a good career choice and help India’s economy.

Malay Kumar Shukla from the E-Gaming Federation said that the gaming industry is growing fast. If India becomes a leader in this industry, it can create jobs and help the country’s economy.

This study shows that working together with the government, industry, and schools can help India’s gaming industry grow and make the country stronger.


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