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Tomato prices causing trouble: The people in charge say prices might go up by more than 6% right now.

The people who make decisions about money in India are concerned because they think  for things we buy might go up more than they want. The prices of vegetables, especially tomatoes, have gone up a lot.

Because of this, the people in charge have changed their prediction for how much prices might go up in the next few months. Before, they thought prices might go up by 5.2%, but now they think it might be 6.2%, which is higher.

They think that the value of vegetables might come down because the rain is helping the plants grow better. But they also said that they need to watch the rain because it’s not falling evenly everywhere.

Farmers have planted crops in more land this year compared to last year, but they planted fewer pulses like lentils and beans. The people in charge expect that prices might go up more in the next few months, and they also think that prices might be a bit higher for the whole year.

They predict that might go up by 5.7% instead of 5.4% for some months, and then by 5.2% for other months. On average, they think that prices might go up by 5.4% for the whole year, which is a bit higher than what they thought before.


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