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How To Become a Tax Consultant 2024: Salary, Job Description

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How To Become a Tax Consultant in 2024 Salary, Courses to Choose, Job Description: A Tax consultants help their clients successfully navigate complex tax laws, income, expenditure, deduction, and other regulations by utilizing their knowledge and experience. They are well-versed in tax planning, compliance, and legislation. They also assist others in minimizing their tax obligations by offering tax consultancy services to clients.

As you help your clients and business partners achieve their objectives, you’ll see that becoming a consultant is a profitable career path that you can pursue. You can use this guide to locate the credentials and license needed to work as a consultant in taxes. 

How To Become a Tax Consultant in India?

How To Become a Tax Consultant 2024: Salary, Job Description

A tax consultant is an expert who can guide individuals and businesses through the various laws and regulations that affect the filing procedure. They have to be up to date on the latest developments and changes to tax rules and regulations. Individuals, small business owners, and large enterprises are all helped by tax experts.

Tax consultants work in a highly sought-after field and typically make a solid living, which enhances their skills and experience. Because people and businesses still have taxes to pay, tax advisers are still in demand despite changes in the macroeconomy. 

What Does a Tax Consultant Do?

A consultant in tax is more than a mathematician. They are seasoned experts familiar with India’s constantly changing tax rules and regulations. In what way can they assist you?

What is the role of a tax consultant (Job Description)

A tax adviser can help lower tax obligations for both individuals and companies. The following are the duties and obligations:

All-inclusive tax preparationAll-inclusive tax preparation
Professional advice A tax consultant acts as your counselor during the entire process, providing information on how to reduce tax burdens and prevent penalties, from submitting tax returns to managing audits.
Expertise and knowledge Accuracy and thorough solutions are guaranteed by their in-depth understanding of tax rules and modifications.
Regular updates Their specialty is keeping up with the always-changing tax laws, so you can be sure you’re following the most recent guidelines.

What is the responsibility of tax consultant?

Examining proposed legislation

A tax consultant is a specialist who works with the Tax Commission to study and analyze proposed tax, fee, and revenue distribution legislation.

Calculating income taxes

After determining the gross income amount, the tax counselor must compute income. Following the Income Tax Act, the tax is levied based on the tax rate that is determined after computation. 


The tax advisor needs to develop a financial plan that will help the clients make choices that are suitable for their financial situation. 

Examine the procedures utilized to create laws.

The tax consultant’s responsibility is to assess and scrutinize the many approaches taken in the creation and application of the legislation. Tax specialists are also required to assess how the bill would affect the state’s revenue and operating budget.


Giving administrative support to the various government departments and agencies is under the purview of the tax consultant.

Tax advisor training Enrolled Agent (EA) Test Readiness:

Having passed the EA exam indicates a high degree of taxation expertise. You can take a variety of courses to help you get ready for the EA exam.

Tax Consultant Salary In India

As per information, salary in India ranges between 1.5 lakhs to 10.5 lakhs and with an average annual salary of 7.5 Lakhs.

Exam preparation for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs):

Even though CPAs study a wide range of accounting subjects, a large portion of the CPA exam is dedicated to taxes. Obtaining a CPA designation can help you become more credible and lead to more chances in the tax and accounting industries.

Certification as a Chartered Tax Professional (CTP):

For tax professionals, the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM) offers the CTP certification. It addresses subjects including compliance, ethics, and tax planning.

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What are the Courses for Tax Consultant:

Look for classes that cover complex issues including foreign taxation, estate planning, and corporate taxes. These can help you comprehend complicated tax situations on a deeper level.

Courses for Continuing Professional Education (CPE):

Many tax professionals must enroll in continuing education programs to stay current on modifications to tax rules and regulations. These courses may be tailored to the requirements of your jurisdiction.

Universities and Online Platforms:

Tax-related courses are available on websites such as Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning. Additionally, you can look at tax-related programs offered by business schools or universities.

Regional Tax Workshops and Seminars:

For information about seminars and workshops on tax-related subjects, check with your community college, accounting business, or local tax organization.

Software Training and Tax Research:

  • Learn about the tax software and tools that are frequently used in the field.
  • Tax consultant jobs are projected to increase in the coming years as the Indian economy expands and the tax system gets more complex. Now is a fantastic moment to start a career in tax consulting.

The next stage after obtaining the required training and credentials is to obtain crucial work experience. You can accomplish this by beginning your practice or working for an accounting firm or tax consulting agency. Your value to potential clients will increase with your level of experience. Tax advisors can operate in a variety of settings:

  • Tax advisory companies
  • accounting companies
  • legal firms
  • Businesses
  • Governmental organizations

How To Become a Tax Consultant In India?

Employment as a tax consultant in India provides clients with the satisfaction of assisting them in navigating difficult financial landscapes and achieving their financial objectives, in addition to financial security and professional advancement. You can find success in this growing field and improve the economic health of the country with the correct direction and constant commitment.

It takes future investment to become a tax consultant. Make the initial move now to start a fulfilling journey that will include ongoing education, moral service, and the ability to use financial knowledge to empower others.

Exciting opportunities for people looking for a rewarding career in finance are presented by India’s developing economy. Being a tax consultant is one career route that seems promising. This line of work is essential to maintaining the harmonious operation of both corporations and individuals.

Tax consultant Certificate course

Here are some listed certification courses that you can choose to become a successful tax consultant India.

Undergraduate Taxation CoursesPostgraduate Taxation Courses
B.Com. in Finance and TaxationAdvanced Diploma in Corporate Taxation
B.Com. in TaxationM.A. in International Taxation
Advance Diploma in Tax Consultancy ManagementPost Graduate Diploma in Tax Management

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the degree of tax consultant?

It’s compulsory to have a (Bachelor of Commerce) Degree.

What is the responsibility of a tax consultant?

The major responsibility is to prepare tax returns or provide useful information and advise them to fill out their own tax returns.

Is tax consulting a good career?

Yes, this is a great career choice.

What are tax consultant course fees?

The starting fees of the course are from Rs 50,000 to 2 Lakh (Depending upon duration, syllabus of the course, Course provider, and many more).

What is a Diploma in Taxation

Diploma course in taxation is a 6 months specialized course on taxation in India

Is this job stressful?

Yes, this is a stressful job, managing all taxes and finances makes you a pro in this field.

What is the qualification for a diploma in taxation?

This is a one-year course and the candidate must have completed 10+2 from a recognized board/institution.

Which Tax Consultant Certificate course is best?

There are many tax consultant certificates that you can choose like undergraduate taxation courses and postgraduate taxation courses.