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Interview Tips

11 Tips To Crack Any Interview Like A Pro To Get Any Job

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Pre-interview jitters can make even seasoned job seekers fumble during a big occasion. While the thought of an interview might appear daunting for most of us, interview preparation is not…

IPB – Nurturing Aspiring Bankers Right From The College To A Bright Career

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About IPB Institute of professional Banking is north India’s top-rated banking school for aspirants of the banking sector. The aim of IPB is to gratify the need for manpower for…

Scope Of Banking Sector In India And How IPB Is Helping Indian Youth.

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Definition of a banking sector? Banking is the business activity of banks and similar institutions marked under the banking sector. It is a tertiary sector of a nation's economy. A…
Banking after graduation.

How To Commence A Banking Career After Graduation With IPB?

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Our objective is to prepare graduates to secure good places in a banking career. IPB formulates it in different steps to turn a student into a banker. Not words, but…
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Banking Industry is searching for you! Are you aware?

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Once you pass out from a school and look for a college from where you can graduate and which in turn can help you with a good job there are…
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How to handle stress at work?

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All those who are working either in the public sector or in the private sector have had moments when they felt being burned out and stressed at the workplace. All…
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How to make best of Online Learning?

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The pandemic has bought a lot of changes in our lifestyles, so did our learning patterns. As per a recent study, nearly 6 million people have adopted the online mode…
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How to impress interviewer in 6 easy steps?

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Getting through a written or an online exam is way easier than getting through an interview, here you have to face your employer and his/her questions directly. One must master…
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10 Ways to Grow Professionally

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Getting a job of your choice is a one-time thing, but to grow in the concerned job is a lifetime activity, which is technically termed as Professional Growth. No matter…
6 ways to crack interview in private banks

6 Ways to Crack Interview in Private Banks

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When the thought of an interview comes to our mind, there are a plethora of questions that arise simultaneously and start hitting our motivation level, thereby making us nervous. But…
IPB Course

How is professional training for banking an advantage?

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The banking industry is a huge industry that is in constant demand of new applications every year. People too are in constant lookouts for jobs in the banks because of…
Why banking career is right career


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The sector of banking attracts many people. People are attracted to the jobs in the banking sectors because of certain facilities like: a lumpsum salary fixed table job fixed holiday…
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What is the need for professional banking training?

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The banking arena is a huge sector that creates huge openings for newer candidates every working year. Youngsters, too, are tempted to join various posts in the banking sector due…

Is the job of cashier prevalent in modern times?

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No bank can function without cashiers, be it private banks or public banks run by the government. The banks do not essentially hire only cashiers. Cashiers are made to do…
Banking courses after graduation

Banking Courses After graduation

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The sector of banking provides never-ending job benefits that will never be out of employment or promotion. There are various types of Banking Courses After graduation such as Master of Commerce(M.com) in…