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  1. Why IPB is regarded as best institute in the region with respect to the banking training and placement in private sector banks?

Answer:  IPB now has a legacy of five years, wherein they have trained and placed more than 1500 students in private sector banks. The IPB core team comprises of group of ex-bankers, who themselves have experience of more than 20 years in private sector banks. The whole syllabus for training is well equipped with the industry requirements in the real time.

  1. What is IPB’s training methodology?

Answer: IPB training is fully practical and on the basis of the real time scenarios on the front end operational jobs in the private banks. IPB uses the concept of dummy banks, to practice the daily format of various job positions in the private banks. Further IPB has the best revised syllabus that perfectly is liaison with the requirements of the banks.

  1. Is 90 days training mandatory?

Answer: Yes, we do prefer students to compete 90 days training. We assess students each fortnight and on basis of that we give first recruitment drive in first 45 days. So, student’s continuity depends on students section in the bank during 90 days training period.

  1. What course material you provide?

Answer: We provide two course books to each student. First is book on retail banking and second is book on advance Microsoft Excel.

  1. What is surety for placement after training?

Answer: IPB has good relationships with almost all private sector banks. We do have banks requirement in hand beforehand. We screen and select only those students for training, which we know have possibility of recruitment as adhering to the banks requirement. We do not train candidates just for training unless we know that candidate will be placed for sure.

  1. How many drives does a candidate get on average while on training with IPB?

Answer: IPB provides maximum 5 drives to a candidate